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And we are so glad that you've stayed inside on this kind of bizarre saturday i thought it was going to be warmer i walked out it was it was like we were in autumn again i just don't understand what's going on with the weather but anyway we're so glad that you're listening and we want you to become part of the show our number is eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two and to start the discussion i'm a little nervous about this topic because i don't want to go off the rails but as you just heard a major political figure was went to a restaurant last night and was denied service and she tweeted about it and in response on yelp on tripadvisor on the facebook page there were dozens upon dozens of bad reviews posted thousands right now there are twenty three thousand reviews as as of this moment well and i just looked at yelp they've taken them down so they did catch them so i wanna talk about not about this incident i don't wanna talk about whether or not she should have been kicked out of a restaurant i think we all can agree that businesses should not discriminate against clients whether it be race gender political what have you you you don't you don't discriminate and that's going to be talking travel today we want to talk about is user review if if this can happen so quickly to one establishment twenty three thousand reviews pretty much over four hours obviously all those people did that go there how much should we trust user reviews and some of the user reviews were pretty tricky i mean they had pictures of undercooked chicken up on this site claim that they were cake they didn't they fixer they found a picture and i'm always told by people when i when they tell me how much they love using trip advisor or yelp or one of the other user reviews sites they say i can always tell when a review is fake but looking at all of these reviews they had photos they had details people at obviously gone and looked at the menu you know i think if people hadn't known that this was all part of a news story they wouldn't have known and something like this if if a restaurant gets a lot of bad reviews they can put them out of business what if they a competitive ref resin restaurant had done this to them i think it's easily done so we want to know your thoughts about user reviews how much you trust them and has your trust increased or decreased over time the number for that give us a call we promise we're gonna play nice as we've just indicated the number is eight hundred eight four eight nine two two to napoleon probably knows that the listeners don't i'm in orlando again this week like i was last week because i'm researching the next addition of the frommer skied going to the new toy story land in a couple of days at disney and one thing i've noticed in orlando is many of the top rated hotels on trip advisors are actually go timeshares so people who own timeshares and rent them out when they're not here give their own property a five star review i guess in the hopes that people will go to that property and therefore rent their own timeshare and so i'm always very skeptical in this city about the well review properties on trip advisor today i'm in a place called the villas of grand cypress which is always pretty much at the top of trip advisor and i've been very skeptical skeptical of it for years but i finally decided to come give it a try and it's gorgeous but about eight of the other ten on this list of top ten are clearly stuffing auerbach's at and so there's a real economy had to be very careful when no the market.

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