Michie, Bothell, Milos discussed on The Sports Reporters - Ep 11: Aaron Rodgers is Willie Mays, Life on Planet Tuscaloosa and LONG LIVE BASEBALL!!!!!!!


Female partners to take care of their sartorially challenged male counterparts so check it out and say look as michie said you've pick your lila i just wanted to milo other than black t shirts and jeans what is say you're look is i look is is kind of sometimes i'd go with a blue teeshirt mike and otherwise i'm back lacklustre or shorts but they've got him i actually found my look on on bothell i couldn't believe that i said as there's no way they're going to their helicopters mike lacoss i love this last milos third is i think it's called extreme casual that's the class all right time for our party shots and bob ryan leads off mike has heard me say this many many times baseball to me is the greatest game ever to spring from the mind of mortal man it is endless intriguing situations and countless what if and alone among the big four of our team sports the venue really is a participant so much of this was on display sunday at one hundred five year old fenway park hanley ramirez hit a vicious liner that would have been a homer anywhere else in fenway was allowed single off the wall jackie bradley jr hit a ball three hundred and three feet down to three hundred and twofoot white field foul line and it wind up as a threerun homer and the only park this could have happened even fans over to factor mookie betts had to contend with a souvenir secret when he took a potential threerun homer away from josh rettig a play that saved the game.

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