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The string of athletes have come out with mental health issues and really have suffered no complications subsequent to them. We may forget that this stuff is messy and complicated and the thing we have to do because the reason no FM all rive for anxiety or depression, there is no blood test. You can take that says, I am struggling with mental health. Here's a scientific proof. We gotta trust, Josh Gordon bow. That's the only move we have. If we're operating all all of us here Brown's included in good faith. You have a hold on. Let's be clear. The issue that we got here is not anxiety, right? The issue. You is whatever he deals with. What leads him to do, which dope by that's their question is and where they come on this. And I think that this is not something to worry about. I think that this is highly encouraging. I think it's encouraging from Gordon standpoint and I think it's encouraging from the standpoint of the Browns in the league because what problem that I think a lot of people do have with the way the drug treatment is done is one small slip up, but we act like everything has been thrown off. Like we think just one day somebody says to do no move, and then everything has to be a long statement, but for him to be able to look up and say, hey, man, I'm not in a great place right now. I feel like I need to take care of things before this get started. That's what you would rather than somebody who's looking at, you know, tough it out, no, but tough it out and then they wind up falling apart. Right. And the question also is, was he affronted open and hopefully preemptive when it came to notifying his employer, notifying the professionals he works with because those are the people who are going to help give him credibility because we're still not all the way there on whether we trust the word. Word of guy who's got through these issues. The next name is Gary Sanchez issues of his own because he the Yankees catcher is being called lazy after allowing run to score from second on passed ball, and then costing the Yankees. The tying run in the ninth inning when he failed to run hard on a ground ball. Let's watch this first acquisition of lack of hustle in the first inning. Starts against the raise Bip. He's forty. Three strikeouts at ball, got away for Sanjay looked like he got crossed up. So he's. No, not yet. A lot of his mind. Cross. This was moments ago. Yes. Yes. The as not bleed. Happy with the outcome saying, get the ball Brian. out. What help me help you believe what he's saying? When you translate it, it's a loaded term lazy when it comes to his players, but that was one bit of evidence. Right. That was a hard thing to argue with is you don't necessarily need to call it lazy. It doesn't matter what you call it. He should have been owning was not. And then and then we're gonna go to the top of the dive bases loaded down one end of the game, and wouldn't you know it? Gary Sanchez. Each. Now to be fair hill. Thank you needed to run that out either through the ban by the Taibbi realize there's a little bit to lane. Yeah, bad look right here. You see like, oh, man, that's the end of the game day over, no. Oh, man. Yeah, it's bad look. So one of the things that is so hard, if you are a baseball player who was occasionally prone to take a couple of steps off is that there are no numbers involved. They clocked him. They clock is running from home to first. His average apparently was that four point five, three seconds home to I. This one was five point three, nine. I don't even know. I don't even know why we bothered to go to that people aren't blind man. They see it like you don't need to give a number of what going off. He didn't go down the line and it costs them normally, look, a lot of guys don't go hard down. The line normally doesn't cost. It's on plays that are. The conclusion is for Siebel debt seemed to be one of those enough. You gotta live with it if you do that yet, people are gonna wind up getting people also tend to get a bit out of hand when they talk about those things..

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