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Good afternoon i'm q madero the kremlin is reaffirming its denial of meddling in the election moscow's comments follow the indictment of a dozen russian intelligence officers on charges related to a sweeping effort to affect the twenty sixteen presidential race here's correspondent saga megani clearer salvation yet of russian efforts to meddle in the race deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says the russians among other things hacked key democratic email accounts collected information and created to fake online personas and they used those personas to release information including thousands of stolen emails and other documents beginning in june of two thousand sixteen months before americans went to the polls the indictment does not allege any trump campaign associates were involved or that any vote tallies were changed it comes days before president trump meets with russian counterpart vladimir putin saga megani washington the mother of two girls killed when the car she was driving plunged into a snow mccown river has reached a tentative plea agreement with prosecutors the press democrat says twentysevenyearold alejandro hernandez has pleaded no contest to felony counts of felony gross the heckler manslaughter a superior court judge will review the terms of the agreement next month and issue a sentence defamation lawsuit against disgrace comedian bill cosby is moving forward here's correspondent jim roope los angeles superior court judge randolph off hammock ruled that it should be up to a jury to decide whether cosby should be held liable to ex supermodel janice dickinson for statements made by his former attorney martin singer that dickinson says ruined her reputation i see i remember i was blacked out and cosby mounting said this happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty two cosby gave her wine and a pill and raped her singer called her a liar and pointed to contradictions between the story she told in her book and what she said in the press dickinson sued singer to the judge said only accusations.

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