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All right. Wayne Allyn root a day delayed with the great Bill. O'reilly was missed not checking it with Bill, and I was at a major convention yesterday in Vegas, but I'm back today on Thursday, and we've got Bill O'Reilly with us Bill. It's so good to be back with you. Thanks. I appreciate it. So it's a real chess game between Trump and Pelosi and it's more than a chess game. What's that game called Russia? Let where they take the gun, and they pointed each other's temples. I mean, this is like political suicide waiting to see who destroys themselves. It's it's really quite crazy. And I wanted to get your take on who the losers will be politically. And at this point is the country losing. Well, certainly the country is losing because the Democratic Party doesn't really want to compromise that just want to create chaos, so Trump will be reelected, and I think that statement is absolutely one hundred percent true. I was a prized President Trump kind of gave up the state of union next Tuesday. Yes. I was prized. What he thought he might take my advice and give it outside on the capitol steps allow Lincoln and US grant and other presidents of done that. Because the perception is and certainly if you watched the media today, the network news in particular, Trump, folded, Trump caved all of that. Now, we don't really know what's going on behind the scenes and. Some Trump supporters like Rush Limbaugh say that this was a win for the president. I don't know how that's true it might be. But I maybe this stuff. I don't know. But it is it looks like Nancy blows emboldened looks like she says, I won this staredown Donau. I'm gonna stare them down on everything. This is what the women's history is if she gets a, you know an advantage. I knew she grinds you into the dirt. So again, maybe there's something I don't know. A was surprised, and I think it's harder to get a deal on the wall now than it was yesterday. Yeah. You know, this to people the world, I respect its Bill rallied. Rush limbaugh. I'm with you on this one. I just don't understand how rush could call it a win for President Trump. He caved Nancy Pelosi. I thought it was a big mistake. And I thought your idea was great, dude. Other capital steps my idea to outside at the border. Do it in front of a factory that's booming because the economy because of Trump's policies. Stadium. Right. If that happened, the no works wouldn't cover it. So they'd have a hard time not come other president in front of the capitol. But if you if you make it into a rally or a neutral site. Then networks, ignore you. And then of course, you're not gonna get any ass..

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