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Absolutely it is number one first and foremost to be aware and second to start thinking up a plan how going to handle this? That come up at our company. You can't afford as a business to wait for days or weeks to come up with an answer to this, you know social media moves fast. So, sitting around waiting around trying to figure out, what's you know what you WanNa? Do waiting for it to go away I. Think is one of the worst things you can do. The best thing to do is just have have a plan already in place. No, who you on your platform, you don't want on your platform and be able to just come out strong and say no. This is not what we stand for. This is not what we built this business for. You know we're GONNA. Take off. It's really as simple as that. Nanny. It's been sorry. Lovely having you on the podcast today. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much for having. Well. There's a lot to think about their. Products represented in the world and how we react will find something contrary to our values on the platform. It reminds me of ratio Even when she was talking about the Black Mirror episode, and I realized that we have never taught at least not publicly about us. We have this focused. Yeah, that's a good show. Okay, let's jump into it so when we started, we committed together to. To a couple of things we have a commitment to diversity you know. We wanted to make sure that we had a good mix of voices or wasn't a monoculture, and then gender parody, but also people from outside the US and the UK and different levels of their career, and we're doing pretty good on that. You reminded me that we're right about fifty percent on gender right now. But still a bit heavy on US and UK voices, but next week guest will help on that front and there's still some work for us to do in getting people. In their careers guests, so if you've done a talk at your local bronner tank, or read the great blog post or seen one from someone else. We WanNA. Know we've got a link for guest. Suggestions on our twitter bio where MT P. Pod. It feels like we're doing well on the prince, which was to keep the conversations accessible to everyone regardless of level, and we'd love to know what else you want to learn about so please give us a shout I'm will plan episodes around the topics. You suggest the`mixed. Genuinely thanks to everyone for listening. Thanks that kind enough to send us some. Courage man now and then this poll. Cost is for you, so let us know if we can do something different to make it better. Yes, we love you. People have a great week and see you next time like subscribe and I can't believe he's making me say this. If you're feeling funky than write us a review, it's a Cliche, but it really does make a difference. me, Lily Smith and be rabies over emily takes is our producer and League Smith is editor. Our theme music is from Humber based band POW. That's PA you..

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