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Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio and ESPN app. I'm Jay Reynolds lot of focus on clay this week. Of course, the NBA finals and the question of whether Thompson will play in game three and there's tennis send the questions about who will prevail on clay at Roland Garros. Here's our Mark Robins Kay, thank so much we continue on. And it's quarterfinal at Roland Garros though, in the middle of the second week, just outside of Paris, the women's side. We'll see American Sloan Stevens. The seven seed battling twenty sixty Johanna Konta in a woman semi Stevens. The highest seed left in the lower part of the women's bracket, you might expect the cheese. Proud of that fact, however, you believes it really has no significance to her or anybody who follows the game. What tries their men to be to fall apart? And I honestly don't even know. I don't even understand the seating. So it doesn't matter. What does matter is slow Stevens is three wins away, just like everybody in the quarterfinals from winning at the French Open, take playlets look, what will take place on the men's third seed, Roger Federer set to me. Fellow-swiss countryman Stanford Branka for the twenty six time federal has won twenty two of the previous five and number two seed, the Dow on the red court red clay to take on K Nishikori, the seven seed that you'd be very interesting back to you. Mark..

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