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Corona virus pandemic and all of the fear it seemed that canned goods and toilet paper are in very short supply across the state WBZ's Chris farmer talked with some shoppers in Westwood the shopper is motivated by the possibility of confinement I just want to get stuff in case we have a lockdown I'm kind of hearing rumors of a state lockdown something this other shopper welcomes I think the shut down of things is key because you got to stop it and the only we're gonna stop is everybody just stays home voluntarily or not they're both prepping to batten down the hatches something neither would dream of doing without toilet paper just like everyone else toilet paper they have any lots of stores don't and others are running out because supplies are low and demand is high so if you're lucky enough to find some Charmin squeeze it and right quick because for her enough is never enough I have over right now sixty roles which I normally have fifty so sixty years you know there's a little extra in Randolph Chris farmer WBZ Boston news radio Chris says you know large gatherings are frowned upon in this new coronavirus realities so what about church ahead of weekend services the word is coming down from cardinal Sean o'malley in the Boston archdiocese if you miss mass you are absolved if you're vulnerable of getting the virus and that of course impacts the older generation you are excused from attending mass holy water fonts will be emptied and cleaned communion will be placed in hands not mouse a visible churches are changing their communion rites traditions as well father Harry is with Trinity Episcopal Church in canton the precautionary side our diocese actually issued a mandate yesterday that we refrain from using the U. callous offering the chalice during service food is off the table as well after Sunday services school departments all across the state holding meetings crisis meetings this week discussing where to go from here at this point more than one hundred schools have made the call to shut down some for just today some for more than two weeks we've got an entire list on our website WBZ ten thirty dot com and right now we're gonna check in with Tom Busby nine oh eight Bloomberg business news our final opening bell on wicked week we had that one day Tom Busby where we saw the one thousand point gain other than that it's been losses and more losses what about this Friday what side of the equation are we on well I gotta tell ya I think we're going to see another big turnaround Laurie minutes to go ahead of the opening bell stocks are on track for a big rally the Dow could shoot up more than eleven hundred points out of the open just a day after plunging by more than twice that amount futures up so far so fast they were halted try to calm things calm things down that's because Congress and president trump closer to nailing down another multi billion dollar coronavirus spending bill we could hear that this morning that'll really make things pop and carnival cruise lines now offering two hundred Bucks an onboard credits to brave passengers who decide to go ahead with scheduled cruises despite warnings out of Washington not to do so I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston news radio hour Tom thank you coming up Broadway's dark tonight Adam Kaufman was sports traffic and weather together straight ahead this is Dan right I started sleeping better than ever on a my pillow I love those.

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