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This is Fox News. KLBJ news time four zero two. Good afternoon. I'm Eric Wykeham. Topping Austin's news one man's in a hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wound after getting in a gunfight in northeast Austin police Sergeant Michael mccarter says two black men in their twenties are being detained after morning shootout with each other at north east Austin apartment complex, one of those men was sent to the hospital with gunshot wound. What I was told is that it was a serious injury to the lower leg, which may require surgery, but is not to be considered life threatening. The other man was later detained mccarter believes to may know each other and both could face aggravated assault and deadly conduct charges. Carter says no one else was hurt in the firefight. John Cooley, NewsRadio KLBJ the battle over property taxes rages on between the state and local taxing district spending on who you ask a two and a half percent. Limit on local property tax growth without a public vote is either a lifesaver or means the sky's falling said, he's in counties tend to lean toward the ladder claiming that a two and a half percent threshold will kill local growth, but former Austin council member Ellen trucks, Claire says growth would still very much butane -able sales tax. Increases a new condo complex. That increases the tax Bill value that wasn't there before she says the city takes about fifty million dollars a year and other revenue growth and that would be on top of the two and a half percent. The city still could raise property taxes. Patrick osborne. Newsradio kill DJ. The battle over childhood vaccinations is playing out at the state capital. KLBJ's? Chris FOX reports the new Bill would block the state from keeping records of those who opt out state rep mad Krause filed the vaccination related legislation to make it easier and more anonymous for parents to opt their children out.

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