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The Internet information that they have their. This is a very small town. I don't know what they're receptionist like. Obviously obviously they bird on facebook and snapchat and all these other different things so they have access should they should be able to read articles and see the information that's out there and what sows thousands upon thousands of people are stating You know once you insert yourself into a case like this than it becomes public information public knowledge. Anybody should understand that. So you're opening yourself up to questions in suspicion may be but I don't even want to. I don't like going there. It's really just just more questions than trying to get answers to those questions that can satisfy satisfy people's concerns or or worries Again wants a case closed or if it's open and it goes into law enforcement it's public it becomes a public concern not to mention. I don't know if people are aware but Douglas County where where this occurred. has its own missing persons facebook page. I haven't seen I've seen it before. But very very very rarely does account have its own page specifically for missing persons in place like Oregon in a place with such small small population density the size of Roseburg The amount of people that live there mount angel surrounding areas and I found announed at least four other cases in two thousand nineteen the same year. I didn't happen to see on the facebook page. They may be there but which incurred missing persons people just for no reason that they can find driving straight off road down through the woods Embankment right into the Unquote River. And if you guys all remember the core river flows right through there right right around. Where all of this occurring with with Jeffrey in Anthony? So we're GONNA make this quick And then hopefully we're GONNA get into a few other things as I have somebody else and I'm working with on the application With a person has been missing for quite a while that we are probably GonNa do an interview with that It's not an emergency per se so we'll We'll spend it once we get there so we're GonNa go there and then of of course we're going to be working on different cold cases in between Missing persons reports. That will come in obviously over time. They're gonNA come in at some point or another and will be right on top of that Be Able to provide that real time information and and also resources that nobody else can do they just. They're not equipped to be able to do this right now. How quickly we can and to help? Law Enforcement Horsemen in families. So the things that people need to pay attention to on this case one is that Jeffrey. Anthony Anthony apparently had been driving around for a couple of days with no sleep in. And we've we've touched on drugs a little bit and drug use in the culture around there and again again. This is all public information. It's all there in the reports. Everybody admits everybody knows that their use and even Jeffrey's mother Angel Will Tell You. Jeffrey wasn't an angel though he was a very good guy but he dabbled in drugs like a lot of young people. Do so that comes into play here but to what degree we don't know but what I'd like to know is is why they decided to pull off. The main roads drive up into the mountainous area. Cut a forestry gate open close it put their own a lock on it again driving up into unless they were GONNA stop to use drugs and again. I'm only trying to put some objective on this. What would be the reason or do? Okay let's awesome just to sit and talk about that guy leave drugs out of it or anything else because you can't go anywhere it's a dead end But again they apparently got stock in punctured the gas tank so. Let's just go with that. So if this occurred your next move. Even if you're not a wilderness survivalist survivalist is going to be to walk back to the main road. They were only about a mile mile and a half up from the gate and back where the main roads were to find get civilization or you could have found a car coming up for back the other way whatever but they decided to walk completely in the opposite direction into into the woods in into the snow the weather was starting to get worse. There was some initial confusion over the day I it was Friday than it was Saturday but we think now that this actually occurred Sunday Saturday night or Sunday morning. Something like that because Anthony was really only out for one night and he came in. This is the most important part of the entire story separated separated from Jeffrey. He says he has no idea when but sometime that night or that morning and again that's the one thank everybody can't get over that it would be very difficult to have gotten hyperthermia. I prefer me as quickly. It would take some time though. I'm sure of the cold was affecting them just like anybody else But it's very very difficult for people to accept that you could get separated from WHO's considered to be your best friend that you would have huddled up close next to each other again. You don't need to be a wilderness. Survival has to know to do that. Most people bowl understand that you want to try to stay together and close together to keep warmth also walked back out toward civilization but again we gotta not a scratch that so they're going in the opposite direction also the dismantling of the truck tailgate. Why I mean we can speculate on a lot of different reasons? Why but the reason Anthony provides is to take the tools that they apparently used for work that we haven't really determined whose tools they are who they belong to? Whether they're all anthony's denise or they were Jeffries or both. It's not really that important but the reason that they don't want to have the tool stolen I who's going to be driving up there one two. They put a lock on the gate rang. no-one's can be driving up there either. That's the one of the most horrible strangest excuses. I can think of would be to take the time number one to get that tailgate off. You're wasting all of this time in daylight and everything else just to put tolls on to drag it like a sled because you're afraid someone's going to steal them but after a very short distance you start to see tools just dropped off off the sled because it was heavy said kept taking another one in dropping it off and dropping it off almost like breadcrumbs just moving along the again you know. These are the kinds of things that we wanted to talk with. Anthony about to ask ask why objectively not pointing any fingers. None of that really mattered. At the time. It was just a matter of you know. Look it's a close those cases. Can you please answer that. Help us to understand it because nobody else can and he may have had a very specific reasonable. You know excuse for doing this but we'll never know so anyway so we've got that trail Then they tried to light. The fire was too cold Jeffrey had to do it I think Anthony said his hands were to coal. They were trying to scale up The side of a ravine was very difficult. I'm sure it would have been a cold. I understand that long story short. They get separated again. And that's what I wanted to talk to anthony about what ICAN remember and how that's even possible. What would have happened? Did He Dino I mean only out there for a few hours in that one day I can't see anybody passing out. They were also wearing info clothing. We know anthony was wearing a jacket because we have a firsthand witness account of him wearing the jacket and that's a whole other issue so he was wearing clothing for the weather now. This was days on upon days on days. and the weather's getting worse. You're GONNA get hyperthermia. At some point. I get that. I think anybody understands that but this is just one night and then then he appears down by the hot springs that we've mentioned everybody in kind of if you want to go back and listen to the other episodes they tell you kind of exactly where that is. You can find it easily on a map you can look at the whole area you can find the NF to five to road that the trump with stuck on apparently And then go from there and see how strange it is the direction they went in. And then How far they needed to walk? It was only a couple of miles that most even just to get to the hot springs and on the way down there. Anthony Uneven stopped at two locations and spoke to people and didn't mention one time about Jeffrey so again that would be the question we wanted to ask and there might have been a good reason. Maybe didn't feel at that point that Jeffrey would be in any danger. Jeffrey would be fine. Eastern may be right behind him somewhere And again because things are so close because of all the locations. That may be didn't have any fear that Jeffrey would have any problem in being able maybe to follow his footsteps in the snow that had started to fall. See a lot of different things like this that I can even think of again. It's really a huge chain. That none of these people would accept the invitation tation just to come on and discuss this Again just objectively anyway. So he spoke to people didn't mentioned he wanted to know where the forestry station was which he never actually went to ended up down near the path that leads out to the springs from the parking lot. there in the park and that's where he witnessed a few other people including The two women that eventually pick them up now here again is where we would need to have firsthand explanation because it doesn't fit. This doesn't work right. It just doesn't I don't care and I'll say one little line and that that e mail because most of it was just again juvenile. cussing act complete complete idiot You know but saying that we don't really know what's going on what really happened. Then tell us that's okay. Just tell us we would have been very open to that would have done a very objective. Job I think they're even very immature. You know even understood that last episode about you know the forest ferry I think they took the term ferry as some derogatory stay even were even look at the spelling and even his spelling is of the old English version. It just means a forest sprite or something or somebody. That's in the woods because that's winning. Anthony was doing was out in the woods. They had seen him on the trail asked him. I don't know they didn't ask me feels. Okay there's said Lo he says the low in the kept going. The girls ended up at the springs. Somebody brought up Anthony Agars that they saw him they said yes. They mentioned that he look a little weird kind of strange. Really say anything so they felt it was off as well so again guys. This isn't the podcast it's not the family. It's nobody. These are strangers and people with objective points of view and You know their own relativistic Viewpoints of what happened at the time coming directly from their lips of what they saw not from us so it is what it is When Anthony was finally only seen for the last time and given the ride was hours later so after he was seen on that trail? I have no idea why you would have disaster. Hey I need some help can it. Can you give me a ride down the store or to the ranger station or whatever anybody would have done that or maybe not but we'll never know because they're not going to tell us but when you don't ask for help and then you go back into the woods surrounding the parking lot area or around in. There were seen also wearing a coat. Winter Coat K.. Hours later seen again on the same trail with no coat. Where did the CO go? I think again anybody in the right mind would find that to be strange. Minimally minimally suspicious. Probably what's going on and then finally asked for the ride side. They get him in the car. You can listen to the whole interview. It's very detailed. They do a very good job Without them a lot of this table filled in and again firsthand. This is not second hand information. I ran the Had discussions with Anthony which were very strange Him even calling Jeffrey in idiot and I Dunno I just again the very last things. You would have sat sad about your friend. That is still lost up in the woods or even if he didn't think he was lost he still up there and it's been quite a quite a while. I don't see how he couldn't think that he was lost with with something wrong. Going on at that time the first order of business would be defining help. And and that's the major key here. Everybody that's why we're all upset. That's why everybody is concerned. That's why anybody looking at this when you go. And look their comments. Say that it's very suspicious to say the least Even though again they did close the case. And I just don't understand why even those parts that I mentioned that they were dropping off once Jesse and John The two friends of Anthony Jaffrey route looking happened to find the car. I don't know how they were able to do that so easily but again going to question that that's not the end of the world..

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