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Two Minnesota thirty six also in south Saint Paul forty four west bound to crash from Maxwell Avenue apartment Avenue other than that looking good now the weather or something to talk about can Barlow's father witness news forecast high eighty three down to sixty eight tonight we have scattered showers and thunderstorms expected for much of the day today severe storm or two could be possible as well right now it is seventy one this summer is prepared to keep up with the heat stay calm and cool with burns heating and air and celebrating taking a seat for only forty nine dollars per month your comfort is their business and personal heating and air take advantage now Brazil heating dot com offer valid only see Hey it's a Lexus and right now I am loving little house on the prairie remastered on Amazon prime I did have the pleasure of watching as a kid but I love the Ingalls family and there is so much drama on the prairie in one of growth Minnesota in the eighteen seventies and eighties I'm working my way through season one right now and I'm excited to keep going on this harvest rice of family friendship and fun that is what my tux watching everything streaming everything entertainment my top one oh seven one except to tell you about recent Alexis in the morning my talk with a seven one it's eight thirty three how time flies when you're having fun doesn't it does it does all my work yeah Sonny good morning I decent is on vacation news and why he'll be back next.

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