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The nike scientists called cost is produced in association with spitfire costeffective voice internet and ip engineering services for uk businesses find out how spitfire can empower your company pat spitfire thought coderch uk on the naked scientists this week it's worth as much as the illegal drugs trade is costing thousands of people their lives and even more their livelihoods and for some species is the single biggest driver towards their extinction it's the illegal wildlife trade so we're meeting the scientists on some law enforcement officers who are going to be turning up the heat against criminal cartels to try and save some of our most charismatic species and one example of this is the tiger so i went along to meet some down at london zoo hit by slightly they my name is polder knows i work said it's up to a your side of london on our africa program and also leon legal well if trade legal while at treated says sort of all encompassing term but it's looking at some of the issues around deuce species that are treated either in whole or in part on its associated with illegal if he often associated with international organized crime networks and it's rapidly being recognised of the last few years as being a really significant issue not just for wildlife lewis office why an organization i say this i was engaged but also around criminality governance lawlessness undermining local people's livelihood options and so on and and i think that a recent un assessment estimated that onyali of legal wildlife treated kinds for anything up to ten twenty billion us dollars per year which put you in the same league things like narcotics weapons peopletrafficking in seoul with.

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