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We will not forgive. We will not forget we will hunt you down make you pay defend our interests in our people with every measure at my command. These american service members who gave their lives so overused word but it's totally appropriate were heroes multiple explosions rocks the area outside kabul's airport yesterday as western countries race to complete a massive evacuation of their citizens and afghan allies following the taliban takeover of the country. According to afghanistan's ministry of public health more than sixty afghans are dead and at least one hundred forty have been wounded while thirteen. Us service members were killed in the deadly blast. Such go hell visiting teacher at the london. School of economics and political science is on the line a such an thanks for joining us. Can you explain the sequence of events yesterday. Well it seem stat. This was a coordinated terrorist attack involving two suicide bombers won the targeted the airport specifically and another targeted at a hotel which was adjoining The airport it's also believed that the terrorist group isis k. An affiliate to isis a coordinated. This attack itself and it had to poppas to kill off guns and tolls kill a coalition troops and sadly unfortunately disturbingly. It achieved both objectives. And two we have an updated casualty and death count. Well disturbing again. The numbers just keep growing in terms of casualties and fatalities it was a very powerful coordinated attack. These individuals went to the thickest pod crowds they also specifically targeted the perimeter off the app. Or where they knew. Us troops were based which meant that. There was intelligence. They had done their reconnaissance. This wasn't just some sort of spontaneous sporadic

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