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Here's Rick Rubin and David Blaine who connected recently on zoom. The the reason that I wanted to talk to you is. I'm feeling a collective fear in the air. I feel like I feel like I'm not feeling my fear. So much is. I'm feeling everybody's fear is a cloud of fear. Emir started thinking about different times in my life. Been afraid of something or people. I know who have insights into fear and I remember when I was learning to spend time in the ice in an ice bath that the longest I could ever stay in was a few minutes until I did it with you when I did it with you. Your perspective on it. Open my mind and helped me deal with the fear of staying longer in You. Talk me through it and in that experience If opened me up to conquer fear so I wanNA talk to you. In general about the idea of conquering sears. Sound good it's great. What's said tell me a little bit about your relationship to fear. Well you know I am. I mean I guess my. My outlook on everything was already. My mother conferences kid but when she was really sick when she was dying instead of focusing on the difficult ardor sad angel art. She looked at the beauty in everything so she didn't focus on herself and complained so she she made death very poetic very beautiful which I think is like one of the best gifts. Give to your kid. Just that immediately made me NA afraid of the unknown which is that but as far as I was always pushing my body to do things that were like goal and probably dangerous since I was five years old. And here's the symbol formula for it. Simple formula is just. Don't just jump into the unknown. You go step by step by step by step slowly so if you go like if I was to hold my breath for twenty minutes. I'd be afraid that it's GonNa have cardiac arrest. I'll be debt but you don't start like that circe. Why did three and a half minutes kid? There's people that are free. Divers have done this amount of time. Let me train the best people. Let me slowly build a resistance or tolerance and understand the pain that I'm going to go through so I could process it. And fight it. So my outlook corona and obviously. I'm not a doctor. King gives advice spot the way I look at it. Is You have to do the things that you know our best so cleaner Diana. You don't eat products. That create mucus like dairy processors or breads or things like that. You have ginger garlic you outs. You know. Sixteen ounces of water before every anything that you drink you keep yourself hydrated so you do all the things you can really be ready for the fight because fear like let's say you're an has manic which. I was kiss and have a smaller than average lung capacity. It's scary thing. I'm a coronas. Couldn't give me it pneumonia types. You know in my lungs could shut down so what I WANNA do is if I was a smoker which I'm not I wouldn't talk cigarettes because why do anything. They can make the virus that much more effective in its path to destroy. So that's number one number two. Is He follow all the rules? Don't go near people is much as you can buy will void contact other than the people that you're warranting. Obviously in for me the other thing that I really like about which is I would say if you also studied in point of view is and I'm not saying that this is right or wrong such as my perspective. But the reason we don't want the virus spread is quickly as it's spreading. Because you don't know you have symptoms you. You're not aware of it. You don't feel anything often and you're very contagious right so you don't want to spread everywhere that we couldn't fight it. It's just the wrong. Want a hospitals to suddenly become flooded. Which is what's happening in then. Everybody's losing hospital beds. The respirators in its shutdown. So not that you want to fear the virus you WanNa do the right precautions to protect not even just yourself everybody around you so I think knowledge is basically the best way to overcome fear now as a kid my mother the only furiously Dave is when she saw not approaches because of robots at Rice but when he saw like spiders or something buddy how so I was always afraid of Little bugs not outgrow spies. Afraid of every other little so magician. Friends would come over. We'd be brainstorm magic and like I see a bug jokic right and I wasn't so to get over that fear I would have people come over. Boggs insects spiders talk. You know everything and I play with them. That's temporarily getting over it. So Affleck happened and I really over my last year which have been set certain insects so I took my brother too but sauna and He's the most afraid of every big kiss. Teach them how to get over that but anyway we go to Africa and we're in these little camps and with the guy who died. Who's he was the lion man? He goes out with the lines. They actually looks like a lion and he brings a roll of toilet paper. No weapons of calls out wildlife attack him. You can see it on Youtube. He would throw the toilet paper like fake. Though in the lines that jumped this guy grew up in the bush with the lions so he and hippos he would scare that is presence was unbelievable but anyway so that night after we went out with alliance and crossed out with them and she plays with the you know down while they're eating zebras. Really unbelievable but that night. I went to bed and I gave my brother a ice fishing day that I had some really serious high-tech which I shouldn't have done. So he hears something walking around his and then nighttime really mostly around his and I just assume it's elephant island but my brother looks through way and it's a hippo just circling against any. Here's the hippos deadly animals and that they'll just shop in half so I'm brother doesn't sleep the whole day since looking to this thing and boat was so what happened with me is bombing this ten. I'm being careful because even if it's an Alpha more you don't WanNa get anything in this little town low and I put my on my phone light on and I look up. And there's thousands of bugs all over the top of my tat. I'm like okay. We're in this together and I realized that those insects or my friends Jokic and from that move without insects. Sometimes it is just like a flute thing often. I think it's like you know the process. Trying to understand the information to get over arch and to learn until accelerate. So it's like and I also look at things as a challenge so like even with my daughter when she takes shower in the morning we use. I would tell her okay. Let's crank up the coal. Just want her. So when when over friends won't go in the ocean because the oceans older family she goes right in and it's just the mindset of like I can overcome this you know so it's and and that translates across the board so whether you're running as hard as you can are holding your brother you know I it standing up in one place for seventy three hours things like that. You have endorsed slowly build a tolerance at an understanding of what you're really doing. The research study with a smartest people that you can. And and that's the best way the you know. I think so to work on facing the fear in the most diligent efficient by. How'd you deal with the When you're in it I'll give you an example one time I was Bodysurfing in Venice with a mutual friend of ours and the waves getting big and it seemed normal at first and then the ways we're getting bigger and bigger and it was a pretty big day to begin with Benway's get bigger and we're out next. Look here the waves started crashing over the pier. Really big and I remember our friend look at me and saying you know Mike. This be in trouble. And that was the last thing he said and then he was gone. And then I'm sort of in the drop zone and just waves are crashing on me and came really close to ground and and I remember thinking I know the worst thing I can do is panic so I know panic. Panic will only hurt in this situation. But when you're being held underwater by waves will come for breath in a wave crashes you even if there's a conversation that goes on between. I know I'm not supposed to panic. This isn't going to help me. And the other voices. There's no where where Anneke hard to control. I think you know know number. One Rule of the twenty one laws of the Samrai's accept everything. Exactly the way it is and I think even in the worst situation we panic and go crazy and let it you. Won't you won't win that battle so you kind of have to accept what the situation is. And then in a very careful and clever way Dr outmanoeuvring but without fighting it. Because you're never going to beat the Osa you know so so you have to kind of smooth into it and have the faith that you can be on there for a little more than you think you can relax. Go go with a little bit. Which is the only option. Have you ever had that? Come up like in the midst of a challenge. Have you come up of what do I do now? Every time I'm holding my breath for a really long breadth hold. My heart gets really weird. Does these strange things. And that makes you get more focused on the heart and it doesn't help so I've learned over the years even when pushing to the extreme. You're just accept it in and go with it so you know that that that's the best thing that I've learned went on pushing to those extreme places it gets a little out of control. Let's talk about each one of the things.

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