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Rating. So there's some numbers based on this pandemic and the fact that were stepping back one step forward two steps back that includes no indoor dining or indoor bar service. Limiting in person gatherings to no more than 25 individuals. But people are upset about having to wear masks again. And we're going to get some of those comments next. If you want to join me. We have a little room for your early in the show today. That's kind of unusual at 312591 18 900 Call and or text not 5 18 traffic Here's John found on the Edens just before Nyle Center Road. We've gotta crash slowing things down. The inbound evens is fine. Kennedy inbound from O'Hare, 29 outbound. It's a 22 minute trip. Eisenhower inbound from Thorndale, 35. Outbound Ike at Austin. There's a crash blocking the left lane 33 out two Thorndale. Stevenson in from 3. 55 28 Outbound Stephenson is a 28 minute trip as well. I 55 outbound on 55 Weber. There's a crash on the right shoulder. Dan Ryan in from 95th 14. Outbound on the Dan Ryan. It is a 17 minutes trip. Huge problems right now on the South bound tri state approaching the Bensenville Bridge. There is a disabled semi blocking the right lane that is traffic from the W L s a M. 90 Traffic center Traffic sponsored in part by the mortgage experts of Team Hochberg Online at 56 david dot com. Donald Trump's put America first you bite. It's about American.

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