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Which rather it's brought to you by our friends over ran in western lakers danny and the gang while hook you up right there located at a grand in western there you go run the hardest chicago like that game last week to lead you asked me hatem where there where they're located i believe we fred yes he played with attorney he only person to fail that question on this show nick freda is nick for yeah he didn't know nixon our dog house though i was tweeting him yesterday there is a good cut away shots of neck on the the bulls game last night because there was no good asked about the played at the united center by the home team that's for sure but i don't think it's necessarily bad i think the i think the best question the best would you rather the day is watkins or prominence someone actually submitted that's going to be my first question to you guys that can win but it's a good question like out and pills some people that were saying like alan robinson's numbers in his big gear a lot of them more in garbage time and like they were questioning how impactful he is and you always thought like you said sammy watkins talent sammy watkins talent level was his good is anyone's yemen handle it coming out of of in his first two years in a league were dynamic in buffalo i know you to second year he had a almost at 1100 yard season with eight or nine touchdowns and remember that i mean they haven't had a prolific passing game and how long bright the last couple of years i mean he only played that want to save three games in one season because of the knee be foot injury and i think he missed one game last year but not play most of this live eight touchdowns for his career average and sixteen yards per catch which is unheard of in the game over the course of four years the last four years but i personally if the medicals cleared i would go in the direction of dean witter i would say that alan robinson would be my choice over sammy watkins if the.

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