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And then he had his friend Rick Fox. Tweet out. My friend Kanye wants you all to know that he was kicked off of Twitter for 12 hours. I wonder how that conversation sound ticked. Yeah. You want. I got to tell you to be very honest, Lex. I want to have sympathy form when it when it When this stuff happens, it's just I I just get mad. I'm just like this is so It's just irritating you. I want to have empathy and I do and I'm not even a fan of his. I have empathy, but I just sometimes I just rolled my eyes like Oh, my goodness. It's just the Kanye Show. It's just constant and and I get it. I get it. It's it's he can't Probably in some circumstances help it. But just as an observer, it just gets its tiring just the constant and Kim Kardashian family. I wonder how Like If Sony in Universal are going to drop him if they're going, Tio You know he can create his own music. We all know that chance. The rapper, you know, did it for a very long time. This is a different era where you don't really need a large record label, especially if you're somebody who already has a platform. And people already know. You know what I contract over because he says, I'm not interested in working with them at all. But does he still owe them music? Not sure about that. Yeah, That's a thing that would be the big different looks. And is he going, Teo? Are they going to sue him for this? Because these air Can somebody just released to the public a private or what? You would think private contract. Is it His So price isn't his. You know, he could do whatever he wants with something like that, But I would think on their side That's not something. Is there any clause in there that says you cannot release this to the public or is it just Ah, you would think a known federal that's Yeah, that's in there. I think they're going.

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