Russia, Mark Blankenship, Congress Flynn discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Price and coverage match limited by state law shoot in the Russia probe as Washington correspondent saga megani reports. The house intelligence committees, the peanut, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and ex campaign. Aide, Rick gates, chairman Adam Schiff says the committee needs to speak directly with both amid what he calls. The deep counterintelligence, concerns raised in the special counsels. Russia report, both Flynn and gates were important witnesses, and Robert Muller's investigation. Shift says it's unacceptable that they have not cooperated with congress Flynn's admitted lying to the FBI about talks with Russia's ambassador to the US gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy, and false statement charges saga megani Washington. The sale of sealed video evidence in the murder trial of Marian shook night has led to a no contest plea from his business partner. Mark Blankenship entered the plea Wednesday to account of conspiracy to obstruct Justice prosecutors say, Blankenship, and nights girlfriend arranged to sell surveillance video from Compton hamburger stand that shows night, hitting two men with his truck in two thousand fifteen one of those men died TMZ bought the video for fifty five thousand dollars after a judge in nights, case at Bard its public release Blankenship was sentenced to five years of probation in order to pay fifty five grand in restitution to the hamburger. Stand is co defendant, toilet Kelly pleaded no contest who conspiracy in two thousand seventeen and received probation and community service night is serving a twenty eight year sentence for pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter. Radio news. I'm Tim Maguire to oil tankers were damaged and suspected attacks near the Gulf Today secretary state,.

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