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Jared was like we do this afternoon was like see the morning it may dissolve the bag may dissolving along so wild. So if you're on the other side of the spectrum and pulling the poem prey then you can't have right exactly fourteen days will you. You're not supposed to at least like those seventy two weeks from your period basically period. Yes okay the question for you. That's a whole other thing. I'm sorry i could've done a whole podcast on the ship. Answer this question next week. Maybe yeah i was thinking about doing so because i need to know these. Most women like they say like in in in sex. Ed and everything. Twenty day cycle eight cycle right well. I did a pool instagram yesterday. And only about twenty eight percent of women have a twenty eight day cycle right so when you have to like. Make sure that you don't have that in your head because that would be fourteen days after your period but that's not how it goes for most women for me. It's thirteen days after my visit the same so in the past two months i have gotten so my period from january to february was thirty one days later period from february to wait. We're marto no no. I'm sorry from december to january was thirty one days and then from january february was twenty nine days. Well interesting so it was like four. Because i have it in my calendar. And what is that mean and my nutritious was like well. It's not a bus schedule. And i was like but isn't it like kind of like supposed to be the same amount of days every time. What does that mean about. Also on stress can mess with it. But they don't it doesn't mess with the second phase the phase after the ovulation that should stay consistent of like fourteen days or whatever that's consistent but what can change due to stress and stuff is the day that it takes the act. Come out of of the ovary. Okay so i just see to make sure i. I am not having sex two weeks while you have to look at your cervical fluid because if you had says so complex you have a you know how you say you. Don't get much discharge. Whatever you wanna call it and when you have a discharge. That looks like a light grey. They call it egg whites. That's when you're most fertile so you definitely can't have sex good to remember. I knew i use a condom. Anyway she says. But it's just good to know you know what you mean. Yeah well you guys. I have one more one more. I don't get it to close this one more. We didn't even share one. I know okay. We get anybody else come with. I don't know. I actually the only thing i wrote down the word. Hello and i. And i think it's because whenever i like say hi to someone that say hello i say hello and i can't fucking say it any other i'd when he picks up the phone he goes. Hello dared like the way.

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