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So after a two year campaign and grow from the cover with foundation. What were the outcomes so where we had this greater publication that look at Aaron water quality issues? More broadly that was I really fantastic outcome. You know where really propagation that we did you know I I am I can join Jamaica at least has done a review of that kind. We brought stakeholders together so we brought government officials together with community Z.. Members to air all these issues of the community members were you brought directly to government and industry stakeholders these are. These are people who are immediately being affected by these Erin water quality problems and they're able to air their grievances directly and get contact information for the industry contact attacked information for the government so that they can follow up on on these issues so that was very good. Although we can't say that the public education campaign that we did for for the clean air and water project was directly responsible for some of the announcements. That happened last year. We do think that it went a very long way to kind of Oh placed Added pressure on the government of Jamaica to do something about the air quality issues especially as it relates the rebuttal insisted on we feel very good about the campaign and the the release of that review and the kind of advocacy. That came with that from you. Know both the citizens being able to give testimonials meals has to hold. This is impacting them. This affecting their health and their environment.

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