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In it seems like the best way to do that is to buy the content and disney is the content you know disney has said that they're going to start a streaming service i mean it seems to like a nobrainer to me but what do i now with it it it we are 34 minutes into the show so we should get into the mailbag guys jake from massachusetts s is kathleen kennedy to blame for all the star wars problems um i'll start this out uh i think that's an unfair question kathleen kennedy has um it we've said this before in the forecast with a long track record of producing amazing films with amazing directors and i think she's used to working with these toplevel talent that doesn't need the handholding that some of these newcomers do uh and i think uh the plan to hire these hut upcoming directors should star wars was a may be misguided uh but i think i think there are some lessons be learned here especially with the word miller on solo thing in that is a you know if you fix the problems before you start shooting you save yourself hundreds of millions of dollars so uh i think her you know switching gears before wished stirred shooting episode nine i think that's a smart move by her of i don't know if kathleen kennedy is the person to run lucasfilm in the long run uh i have faith in her i you know she made so many good decisions and even with the people that she's hired even though it may be hasn't worked out in the head and it seemed like good decisions on paper um if she were ever to we lucasfilm i would love to see kevin feige the head of marvel who love star wars and has you know he developed the model of cinematic universes and you know hiring these young directors to work in a collaborative corporate entity i i think him faguy uh in a i bet you have if you ask him faguy i mean he's nearing the marvel thing for so long since pino xmen came out i bet he's looking for you know.

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