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We'll be right back if you haven't streamed the good fight on cbs all access your truly missing out from award winning executive producers michelle and robert king season two of this critically acclaimed original series truly raises the bar now streaming on cbs alexis day in lockhart in the rest of our associates chicagobased law firm find themselves under psychological salt when a client at another firm kills his lawyer for overcharging visit cbs dot com slash daily for your free trial of cbs alexis that cvs dot com slash daily to start streaming new episodes of the good fight today here's what else you need tentative genoveva is a former us attorney in dc and he joins us on my pleasure the times reports that president trump has decided to hire a longtime washington lawyer joseph degen of who has pushed the theory in interviews that the russia investigation was concocted by fbi agents who wanted to prevent trump from becoming president make no mistake about it a group of f b i and doj people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created to is not expected to take a lead role on the presence legal team but will serve as more aggressive and outspoken figure at a time when trump is openly attacking special counsel robert muller's investigation won't be the motive for that the motive would be that they didn't like donald trump that he didn't think he was fit to be president and they were going to do everything within their power to exonerate hillary.

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