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Movie to have a conversation about isis and that's not perfect kamal y'all and i don't know steve's friends if he may have the blackcurrant here and there but i don't know that he was talking about as black friends turn i don't i just don't know that he was here if they weren't whoever he's talking to him inority because two hundred million duscuss bill on this movie at eu it's at two eighteen knocking bush and growing it'll it is a minority right wherever they think and every contrary it didn't resonate at hold on everybody not every bite as saw the movie was black right cells as the loss the question is how do we leverage the fact that we know that two hundred million dollars plus was spin on the movie in use it like the docks is here to make him make decreed a message and less of vein and a lot more money is going to be made on that as well known that move as right so let's see what's going on with earl with the wooden skate wheels early summer and i am powered him the ball and when you get out of that movie you're on a new ready to his mother darrelle revis oh boy have you been on red alert will live thing out okay laura been locked up here lockedon off whatever i made my eyes so whatever you want to call it you know i i did a little time with the state oil he have on the outside again hey fan oh i'm gonna join the conversation in kind of weird part but i'm sorry you had to put to the people were there but you know the rough the new crew assign michael onto them like this is may you momoh see real well coming up these he would holloway ignat my brother match how i had a uh tiffany when i out for you want to cross a water to africa and i saw the.

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