Seth Doane, Mr Trump, Greenland discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


Correspondent Seth Doane reports that Mr trump a real estate developer may want to know something about Greenland it's melting line just above Greenland's glaciers and ice bergs NASA scientists are dropping probes into the ocean well the way that trying to measure the temperature and salinity of warming arctic waters Josh Willis of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory he's four years into this mission think of Greenland as a block of ice at your hair dryer but really the oceans are doing a lot of the work to Greenland's ice sheet is melting six times faster than it was in the nineteen eighties and while warm air is a known culprit Willis's team is trying to understand the role oceans are playing they call their project oceans melting Greenland or OMG is it up I disagree literacy levels by twenty five feet worldwide now we don't think it'll happen right away but just how fast it does is simply we're trying to figure out with with G. do these missions they've learned helps sensitive glaciers are to the ocean and have mapped the sea floor identifying glaciers at risk of melting many more than initially thought folks here tell us they're adapting to life with climate change longer summers and Wilder whether the NASA scientists explained that the melting ice means the water at the surface is colder in fresher their real concern is the influx of warmer water deeper down melting glaciers from below that is Seth Doane on Greenland we're learning more about Jeffrey up scenes final days three new lawsuits would indicate that I've seen and his associates allegedly used the financial worries of girls and young women to lure them into their web of sexual abuse and the new will was filed just two days before F. sting killed himself in a Manhattan jail CBS news correspondent mauling he has more Stan Pottinger represents twenty Jeffrey Epstein accusers including the three women who filed civil lawsuits all of them are against the abstinence state and various companies that he had as part of his scheme or send a kid or the organization.

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