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Colorado springs a cumulus station this is southern colorado's sports leader xtra sports thirteen hundred it's a fun we're the third quarter and the nuggets already the century mark one hundred two to sixty five is the score chicago's fresh off timeout grant has it on the right side of the wobble back over to blake news likely throws left side now the entry pass the blocked the portis struble to the corner throws out of the shot clock winding down the wabash three that was short no good and the rebound comes down to wilson chandler chandler hats off behind him over the jevon harris harris has it against jerry and grant at the mid court circle there's a high pick from glumly right side over the wilson chandler chandler skip pass over to jamal murray's for three auto five to sixty five forty point lead man talk about beatdown has a top of the key over to nawab nawab drives on wilson chandler bay shots on the way no good rebound down the mill sal i guess when your best players bobby portis you're not looking so hot bill sat has it throws behind him to devin harris harris stops had fake on the three gets it over the public bummbly back over to harris ten seconds other sochua they show hard on the picket role harris those out of it over to jamal worry murray's one on one with nawab puts it on the floor dow against blake dean head fake can't shoot no good rebound down jamal marina fresh shop gets it over the millsap in the paint to mason plumlee and he gets wrapped up by bobby portis and that'll be a foul against here.

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