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Expecting a wardrobe change in this off with this shit for comedy. Put the hat on. Put that on all right. Finished sued wearing a sweat suit. I'm not gonna lie. I've always interest like weirdly aroused. I don't know he's kyle. I wanted nazi. Like oh man i really want to think but i really wanted to like see what they're like because you see them in films and you think just like they tape trash saw him on Well we got that and then we watched a christmas vacation in the neighbors that hate him. They came in to their house after like a dog or something wearing those i was like. Oh my god. That's so weird. I never would have noticed that Before chaps body and and keeps muscles warm lightweight and water resistant. We're going to test this out in a future. We're going to dive in some water. Well we'll probably throw food at it and shit these. This is cool. I actually. I actually think this is fucking funny. This is i just. I bought it for because it was funny. This is good. Is it warm yet. Oh it's warm above with a hoodie and sweatpants and probably feels. It weird's going to really warms. Pretty quick Yeah we're done here. You should just run upstairs. Just like nonchalantly walk through awesome. Cool people ask. What are you you just say your fortnight character. I'm trash man on the trash. Mccolm the trash man dude i. I'm running through ideas in my head with this thing. Right now for comedy. I didn't even think about it for that. No no i was just like this is going to be funny or aware this when we do like too tight on him because he's kind of getting a lengthy tighter the better and then we just chuck bananas adam or whatever just because we can get spray. Paint like a bullseye on it. I love this. I really like this. This is good. This is good. All righty all right all right. I have two options here. Yeah i think we have an idea what these are look pretty. I don't what this is. Because i'm feeling in it. It's starting to feel different than what i was expecting. I'm gonna do the one that i kinda somewhat think. I know what it is..

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