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Got back sin ated and just came down with Covid for the second time, along with influenza, A Yeah, I can't really respond to the influenza. Say I influence that. That's completely separate thing. Uh, however, you can't get it a second time quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens has had it twice. Uh, covid back of infection. Now we do have something Lisa called breakthrough. And so people who are fully backs and made it like Jimbo and I Probably not Jimbo, now that he's had the third one, But for me who's just had to I could still get a mild case of Covid. We call it a breakthrough now in places where it's not really a serious outbreak. Right now. It's about one in 5000. Okay, that are getting that in places where it's really kind of mild outbreak right now, in certain parts of us, it's only one in 10,000 who have been vaccinated that get this. The main thing is that it's a very mild case. If you get one of these breakthrough cases, in most cases, there's always a few exceptions, but All of what I am Glad to hear that President Biden is trying to push through is all health care workers should be vaccinated. I can't believe that people want to work in the healthcare industry or in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They really need to be vaccinated to protect the people. They're caring for, whether they're picking their food or caring for the people. So I really hope and I'm shocked about how many health care workers today are not vaccinated. I actually find that kind of shocking. It is rather bizarre. 18665 Jimbo 1866554626 more calls for Randy Larson from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in just a moment..

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