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It's forty nine Republicans were helping to pick up a Senate seat in blue New Jersey until a Quinnipiac university poll seem to throw rain on that parade yesterday. But the nights not over. Let's go live to HOGAN and Senator Menendez headquarters. Ten ten win reporter, Al Jones, Al Laurie the balloons are inflated and netted to the ceiling. Huge US flag. Backstops the podium red white and blue bunting drapes, the stage, it looks like a party here time to celebrate. The Menendez campaign breathing a bit easier after recent polls seem to show the incumbent democrat pulling ahead with a double digit lead this campaign. However is nothing to thing of beauty. Both sides getting down and dirty at times Republican challenger Bob Hubin calling Menendez corrupt the incumbent democrat firing back that Hubin his Aslis ball a year ago. Menendez escaped his corruption trial with a hung jury in vowed to work to win back the trust of the state's voters, and as for the weather Menendez earlier said he hopes it rains. Votes. Al Jones tenjin wins live at Menendez headquarters in Hoboken wins. News time is six fifty long lines have been reported across the country. And that includes Georgia and Florida where two of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races. Have according to the polls gone right down to the wire in Florida. Former Republican congressman Ron to Santa's thank supporters as he's he voted in Ponte Vedra beach. Tallahassee mayor and democrat, Andrew gillum. Greeted supporters says he voted in his six winning tonight. I think we'll send a message to Mr. Trump in this to Disentis as well that the politics of hatred and division of separation. Did they come to an end at least in this election? That's what we're going to show in Georgia where Democrats Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian camp have been locked in a very tight race. Malfunctioning machines were reported in some precincts and voters were waiting up to three hours to cast their ballots.

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