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On our direct phone line. Now, one of the stars playing the character elder. Mckinley Huntington end the Huntington Jones checking in getting him up. And before we talk about your character, u plus point out, you graduated the university of Michigan the same year this Tony award winning best musical debuted in twenty eight eleven you graduated that year. Did you ever think you'd be onstage here in Detroit seven years later? I had no idea. First of all, go blue. I'm really excited to be back. But no, I had I had no idea. It's been a nice full circle moment. I moved to New York, right? When this show is taking off the my first couple of months in the city auditioning for other shows every single day after I just think I would go, and I would try to do enter this ticket lottery at Eugene O'Neill theater on Broadway. And I never one for like fifty times. I finally saw the show, but that's. Tradition that I we still continue on the tour. So the tickets go quickly, but there's still a way to enter a lottery towards the front of the house that two hours before the performance. But having said that you have had some really nice roles. Comparatively speaking to me anyway. After graduating Cinderella 2013, the Broadway tour, the next year cats a bullets over Broadway. I mean, you would think it would take years for an actor just graduating a place like university of Michigan to get to those roles. I've had a lucky couple of years. Yeah. Something that towards the beginning of my time in New York. I I danced a lot in broadly on samba, and that's one of the reasons that I went through the university of Michigan or that. I've wanted to go there and was lucky enough to be able to that my my degree that I got it. Michigan is entirely. The reason I got in the door the the amount of Michigan grads. We're working on Broadway, performers and creatively. That network isn't isn't tirelessly wide that that success came away and I've worked hard, but it is really a family tries to take care of each other in the city now that you mentioned Andy didn't didn't a couple of the writers who did the music for LA La Land. Go to the university of Michigan. Yes. Ben pathogen and Justin Paul actually bench, and Justin they both graduated the year that I was deciding what school the go-to and the. Does then chair of the department the head of the department Brent Wagner has current students. Right to perspective students to say, hey, let me know if you have any questions about the program and just kind of extend a warm. Welcome to people who are considering Michigan and bench Pathak was one of the people who wrote to me my finger your high school. Wow. All right. So back to the book of Mormon it's earned over what five hundred million dollars since it opened and a total of nine Tony awards. The script the lyrics. The music written by the co creators of the animated TV series south park. What what are you figure has made it so popular over the years? It has been a huge hit. You're right. I think that. I've been asked this question a lot, and I've had to think about why. Yeah. Why has this been the success that it has been? I think that it is unbelievably funny. Unlike really any other musical. It is very much in the same vein as self park in that the comedy is not afraid to go way farther in way, cruder than you expected it to and somehow at the end of every south park episode and definitely at the end of our show. There's a big nugget of truth and a heart about the human condition. And I think that you laugh your butts off for two and a half hours, and you leave the theater considering your life and considering faith in humanity and religion, and definitely we poke fun at some parts of the Mormon faith. But the show is almost more about friendship and the need for Fe. I think that it is the combination of how much you laugh, and how much you end up reflecting about your own life while still escaping from some of the specifics of your life. It is the perfect two and a half hours really is. And I mentioned that das-. You're one of the stars. Andy Huntington Jones. It revolves around these two Mormon missionaries, price and Cunningham. Tell us about your your character elder McKinley. And what you do to help them with what they are doing that little that leads up to the first song that you sing turn it off. Yeah. So elder McKinley the character I play he is the head of these young Mormon missionaries in Uganda. And it's a huge plot point that they gotta you're gone, and it's not our respective community. Too. White Mormon trying to convert all of these African to religion, they're totally out of their element. They're not having a great success rate and elder McKinley. Tries to help these two new missionaries price and Cunningham deal with this disappointment with a smile and an overdose of positivity. And then we go into the song turn it off. If my favorite part of the show, turn it.

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