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Just to give you numbers that one email sequence when it was standard was recovering about one hundred and ten thousand dollars a month when I wrote mine. It started recovering multiple seven figures a month. So I'm talking about a difference of three million dollars by changing three emails by understanding human psychology and human relationships and not being it about me and the purchase and so those are a couple of tangible examples that I can give you that. Just come right off the top of my head. Okay that's phenomenal. I'm curious about the social media. Part good going back death so realistically a solo poor real real small business. Two to three people slugging it out every day How can they scale that concept of? I guess that's the right term had the concept of going into your favorite social media platform every day and common genuinely commenting on other people's posts and stuff like that to develop a relationship is or. Is it realistic to think you can scale it or Yep Yeah? That's a great question. Here's what's funny. It's the only way you can scale it. That's what's getting in there and getting your hands dirty and being like listen. It's like don't tell me that you want a happy marriage but yet you're only willing to come home once a week right like like you get out what you put in. And here's what's not at civilize caveman. When I walked away I had between instagram and facebook. I had seven hundred seventy thousand followers. We would get on average two to three thousand comments and messages a day. I would personally respond to eighty percent of them myself and it would only take about two hours a day and this is a perfect example. I give people I did one live video on select caveman that had six and a half million views and I got sixty five hundred comments and I did this in Akita and I said how many of you would love to do a live. Eighty six and a half million views. Everybody hands it goes up. How many would love to have six thousand comments posts? Everybody's hand up and I was like how many we'd love to make a half a million dollars in a video and of course everybody's hand goes out bright and then. I said how many of you would respond to every comment and nobody's hand goes up and let me ask you again. How many people would like to make a half a million dollars in a video? Everybody's hand goes up like how many people would respond to every comment. I'd like to smart. People put their hands up and I was like. I made a half a million dollars on this video because I responded to every single comment without selling anything six thousand of them six thousand of them. It took me eight hours and I said one of you. Tell me that you wouldn't work eight hours for half a million dollars and nobody would and I said. But here's the secret. I've been doing this for eight years to earn the right to make a half a million dollars in a video because I never got off of it and we responded to every comment from day one and the thing is companies don't exist without customers but yet people ask me how they automate relationships. You can't and you shouldn't try because the nature of that thought is a self sabotaging business cycle because you tell me that you wanna make six figures. Seven figures eight figures my great. Who's paying for it like well? Our customers I'm like. Oh the ones that you don't. WanNa take the time to respond to. Can you imagine walking into a car dealership just to window shop and they ignore you the whole time No right so the question isn't how can I automated? It's like how can I automate everything else? They creates more time for me to be in a relationship with what matters which is my customers. Because they're the ones that are going to make me a seven eight nine ten figure company and so what you think about it. We're not talking about writing novels paragraphs we're talking about letting human needs right so if you know or familiar with psychology maslow's hierarchy of needs right. Well when you think about the online space just summit up at the only three things you need online or human beings need to be seen heard and respected right and everything you do is training our customer on how to be your customer so you post on Instagram. And you guys I want you to share my share your number one tip to be happy every day right and you have fifty people that comment and you don't respond to any of them. You just train that customer that when you ask them for something and they give it to you that you're not willing to give it back and then you ask me. Why three weeks later. They're not commenting anymore. Because you trained them not to comment because they did what you said and then you didn't acknowledge them. You took it for granted. You didn't make them feel seeing. You didn't make them feel hard and you didn't make them feel respected and you wonder why your followers go up in your engagement goes down. It's not because you're contents getting worse. It's because you've trained every one of them that you don't care enough about them to respond. So why should they comment? But that but then flip it on the other side you have ten people who comment and you just take the time to be like. Oh my God that's amazing. Send them Emoji back. Ask Him another question. You're literally filling their love bucket on a subconscious level because you're having them feel seen heard a respected and then the next day you twelve and then sixteen and then twenty and you've trained people that when they do what you say you acknowledge reward them back which by the way is the definition of reciprocity based relationship and then objections zone exists anymore. There are no price. Objections are no funnel objections or no product objections because you have an actual real relationship and I watched people chase vanity numbers all day. Listen I have a facebook group? That's my only social media platform right. Now there's thirteen hundred people facebook group. I give away content for free every day. I generate multiple seven figures a year from that one facebook group of thirteen hundred people. It takes me less than forty five minutes a day to be in that group. The why'd you choose facebook vs Lincoln or rate question Images Rachel and South Hundred Lane reason? No there's always an underlying reason would make friend always always so this goes back to the field of dreams concept right you have to be where your customers are right and so if your audience is fifty five plus stay at home. You know grandmother. She's going to be on facebook but she's not going to consumer engage on facebook. She's going to law a long form blog. Post if your audience is fifteen to twenty five. They're going to primarily be living on TIKTOK instagram. If your Avatar is CEO C. Suite CMO COO decision. Makers those people don't live on facebook. They spend all their time on Lincoln. And so you have to go where your customers are not expect your customers to come to you so for me. I'm not going to close a consulting deal off facebook or linked in because I'm one of the highest paid I am the highest paid digital marketing on the world. Right so people that pay me. Don't have any social media right so. I spent a lot of time on phone calls and events in nurturing relationships and word of mouth but the people that are on facebook are my future ideal customers and so rather than me trying to find customers which is a losing game. I spent all my time creating my ideal customer so I give value content and and these people sometime within a year or two years. They'll join my mastermind. They'll tell their CEO about me and then they bring me in for a quarter of a million dollar intensive. Because I'm in a relationship with the people that are doing the work and moving the needle and that's where I choose to serve now recently. We've nailed facebook. We've been doing facebook groups alone for eighteen months right and Mike team looked at me and by the way guys disorder nos. I run a mastermind consulting company. A podcast all of our social media and seven other companies and. I only have one fulltime employee and I have one. Va and we both work about six hours a day and our va works twenty two hours a week and so my entire staff cost me four thousand dollars a month to have all of that done fulltime plus my time and so there's always ways to be efficient ryon and what. I found his own when I remove go from business and I stopped doing things for validation for the wrong reasons and I do them for the reasons that matter which is deepening relationships with customers. Moving the needle having intense focus it eliminates a lot of fluff right. And so what we did. Is we been running this facebook group for like eighteen months and I love it? I absolutely love it right and everyone's like I love it. I love it I love and then a few people start being like God. I love this but I would love some nuggets on instagram. And we're like okay. We're just paying attention right till it got really wants him nuggets on instagram. And then we pulled everybody and we're like hey. Would you guys appreciate if we've started posting videos and instagram stories behind the scenes of business stuff and they're like Oh my God I'd love it and so then I'm like okay so we look at it? We're like do we have the time do we have the processes? And we're like yeah. I like cool so I followed the path that my customers in ideal customers laid out for me. I didn't create something because I had an idea and expected them to come so I built it with them right and so we built these relationships on facebook and then God love it here. We're like well we can do that. We'll repurpose content will will trim it down. We'll we'll meet you there. And when there was a demand for it we created it and now we are ensuring that we can give it one hundred percent of the focus that we give the facebook group which is going to help us deepen our relationship with our customers. Give them a separate touch point or modality or Elaine will also launching a podcast right and so I tell entrepreneurs I help business owners all the time you have to earn the right to scale and earning the right to scale. Isn't you being like all some some marketing video? Or some course told me so. I heard this some conference and now we're going to be on this platform. No if you go on a platform that your customers aren't honor. Haven't demanded what you're doing is you're taking attention away from where they are. And then focusing it somewhere else and the pain of that fallout is horrendously bad. Men's really really bad dry and this is another thing I tell people. Do you know we think about anything. Email marketing social media marketing. Anything I've people come to me all the time they're like. I need more customers anymore. Koss anymore customers. I was like Oh stop. I said what's your product and they'll be like. I have a thirty day digital program Brian. I was like cool..

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