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Welcome to kiss Miss Mystery. Sign your host Kit Crumb. If you've been following along you know that. I've done a story on a character or individual call billy falstaff titled. Where bill ago and it was probably the most bizarre story that I have ever done on this podcast and it had attracted a lot of skeptical responses and some interesting responses and one in particular that I'm going to do today. That's almost as bizarre. If not more so than billy falstaff but first let me recount some of the facts about Billy falstaff in case you didn't follow that story case. So since my podcast about Billy falstaff who in nineteen eighty two age eleven vanished in front of twenty two adult witnesses and turned up fifteen hundred miles away wandering in the Shiloh. National Cemetery in Tennessee and who I finally tracked down as a drummer of the union's side during the civil war killed at the battle of Shiloh in eighteen sixty two I have been bombarded with two kinds of emails. Those were skeptical of the story. Despite the facts I provided and emails wanting me to investigate a vanishing based on personal knowledge one of the many emails wanting me to investigate a vanishing is this one. I am about to recount. There was one email that caught my attention. It came from the daughter of Karl as a Democratic senator from Arizona. It's important to note that Senator Hayes passed away at the age of ninety two in one thousand nine hundred seventy and that in nineteen forty to his only child. Patricia Hayes was born now seventy seven the absolutely unbelievable incident that she recounted occurred in nineteen sixty one when she was nineteen. Her father was a key figure throughout and made her promise not to mention any details of what she had witnessed to anyone until fifty years after his death. Some quick math assured me that indeed it had been fifty years since his passing the incident though. Incredible in itself is almost overshadowed by the length of government. Then President John F. Kennedy went through to cover it up and here's the incident. It was Saturday morning. June nineteen sixty one and Senator Hayes. Walking up the steps for his office in the Capitol building because it was Saturday he was bringing his nineteen year old daughter long and for the most part the steps and surrounding area with pretty much deserted halfway up the steps Senator Hayes was approached by asking for a handout. Something Pretty Rare in that area pat in the email said stranger was ten or twelve feet away and two steps below. She said she remembers her father producing a ten dollar bill. Remember that this is one thousand nine hundred sixty one and the homeless were less prolific in numbers. Anyway she said the man took two steps up and was on the same level as her father but still about ten feet away when he stepped forward closing the distance and reached out to take the ten dollar. Bill Gates vanished. Pat says her father looked around including up in the sky then took her hand and together. They ran the remainder of the steps. Hustled through the security locked the door once they were in his office. Her father explained that he was afraid of laser activity and she was driven to their home by a security officer. Pat explained in her initial email that although she was really spooked by the event on the Capitol steps. It didn't hit home until her father came home that evening and swore her and her mother to never speak of the event. She ended the first email asking. If I would be interested created a podcast around the event by response was a resounding yes but only if there was more than just the event that I need proof of the event and facts. Validated the proof. Her response was his. She could provide advance and places that determined that the vanishing did not result from a laser. But it would be up to me to validate does events and places probably through the freedom of Information Act. Her next response came in a letter. It was short. Look up the TRC and get back to me with what you found out. I've mentioned previous podcasts. That I get some of my research. Facts from the freedom of information or the F. A. And that usually. I was fishing for something specific reference to something but in this case I requested information specifically on the S. T. R. C. Forty one days later. I received a two page response as usual much of the contests redacted or blacked out this case. I could tell that names had blocked out what remained was at the S. T. R. C. Stood for Space Time Research Center. The center location was blacked out the day. L. This funding and defunding and closure was nine thousand nine hundred ninety two research on space and time was enforced by the president. Though I know it was Kennedy by the date is name of dotted in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. The funding ran out and was reappropriated by Congress at the request of the A. E. C. A. E. C. is the Atomic Energy Commission which has been around since nineteen forty six. It was president. Truman that put the commission in private hands rather than keep his operation regulated by the government some earlier research on another story revealed at the ABC had ties to area fifty one but that aside the documents from the freedom of Information Act showed that the Space Time Research Center was under the umbrella of the T. S. Slash Se. I on top secret label. That was as need to know as it gets from all this I knew for sure was that S. T. or C. Did exist and that it conducted research into space and time and that it was all top secret but had lost its funding was close down in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. What I now wanted to know was what the S. T. R. C. Discovered if anything from the research so as promised I sent the result of my findings through the freedom of Information Act that indeed. The start was real. And I asked Patricia Hayes an letter for the next bit of information that would lead me to the conclusion reached by the TRC. I never heard back from Patricia. Hayes and here's a strange part. I found that there was no. Us Senator Carl Hayes Democrat from Arizona therefore no Patricia Hayes. The email who ever. She was whatever name she used. Got No response and when I called the number that showed up when we talk by phone it had been disconnected but someone wanted me to research the S. T. R. C. When I mailed the freedom of Information Act with a specific reference to the str see. I did get a response. Was the story. She told me about the man vanishing fabricated like her identity as simply a ruse to get to inquire into the existence of the Star S. T. R. Z. I don't know this story left me with more questions to be sure the Nassar's what was the purpose of the str see. And why did someone go to so much trouble to get me to query the freedom of Information Act? I'll be doing more research for sure and you can be sure that what I find out will result in another podcast on what I call the vanishing act well vanishing act was produced here night owl sound studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. I'LL CREEK CABINET RIDERS GETAWAY AT AL CREEK CABIN DOT com. I'm kid chrome. Thanks for listening..

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