Josh Jackson, Ben Simmons, Philly discussed on The Ringer NBA Show - 'High Upside' Lottery Reaction (Ep. 112)


Because to me josh jackson be the guy most people have slide and they're just on a on a value board but to me with josh accident ben simmons is very questionable fit with those two together right like i whereby the shooting there on the ball in their hands new one way space spaces the floor to me i can't take josh there and then even tale of an hour by taylor ben simmons fitting together needed was glad defense taylor more affordable three pedums needs about his hands to i to me of those with more words isn't a big problem with simmons isn't it is the most bizarre answer we're asking the question is who can fit around him like that should not be a question that you want to ask around the franchise player who can incessant that's that's a good point but like the ship is sale now right now that's what they're dealing with ya like that that's already happening so if let's say if you had it usually isaac tate him and jackson who to take a philly if they would take a guard next to simmons post's regard for me it's still going with best player available not word at all but fit and that streets until you to my second of my i've i've said i said before go to scoring hardest thing to find and i think that's our team gives you an some regardless of fit that's what i be looking for but this touches back and what i said before where i would consider trading down you know if you're the sixers i know you can get monk if you're the sixers and you know you can get monk at five or six the trade down and get more value get another player with with the pick or something like that that that that happened biological how often as do teams tried down there for spots in the nba come in the mind i guess there sacramento nothing like the nfl nothing like a threat for i think one thing to teams fall in love with guys like i want this guy so whatever about value in the board working changes i fluid.

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