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From the standpoint of different. That is the president is speaking of Steve Hilton about Iran. The dangers of Iran, the reports coming out about them ramping up possible attacks through surrogate because they're cowards on our people, especially in Iraq. Lucas thomas. Join us joins us now for the Pentagon producer reporter, you see them everywhere. Lucas the president got some intelligence week that had everybody all to their schedule. The secretary of state changes schedule, not essential personnel, leave Iraq. And then you have the intelligence experts in Britain say, well, we don't see any difference between what the intelligence we're getting. And the US says they're getting what's the truth there. Good morning. Did an about face. There's a briefing here at the Pentagon, led by British Major General from Baghdad said he didn't see any increase or running back forces against the US and US-backed coalition Iraq and within a few hours, the US military put out a statement rebuking general saying, not only has the threat increased. But US forces from the five thousand troops in Iraq or now being placed on a high alert because of a potential imminent threat from Iran and then yesterday in unguided rocket slams into the near the US embassy in Baghdad. Granted it landed less than a mile away, did not hurt. Anybody didn't kill anybody in caused minor damage, but certainly something that people are noting around your. Yeah. Absolutely. And what about those tankers who were? Hey, no direct ties. No provable ties to Iran now but logic lead you there. Well, each certainly does and hit these. Saudi tanker's Norwegian flag tanker and all that was supposed to be picked up in the Middle East and sent back to the United States. A Saudi statement said as much and certainly no love lost between the Saudis and the Iranians. And the fact that, that all came days after the caution, and then the alert about possible tax by Iran. Notable that the damage is not great. It looked like a very crude explosive used and much like this rocket just a single unguided rocket launched in the direction of US embassy yesterday. So a couple of things, what do you think it takes till Tuesday to brief congress is that unusual? The Pentagon is trying to blow this threat out of the water. And I think over hype it Brian. That's what officials are telling me here. There were calls from the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer for acting defense. Chiefs, Patrick Shanahan, and the joint staff, general, Denver to priest stem last week, depending on did not change their schedules. They're gonna wait for lawmakers to come back this weekend. Lawmakers are generally in town, Tuesday to Thursday, should part of it with scheduling with lawmakers leaving town late last week. But the Pentagon is in possession of some photos to declassify. Cruise missiles on the decks of ships certainly concern around, here, although there's plenty of lawmakers that are wondering, is this threat serious enough that the US military needs to be sending nuclear capable bombers, the Lincoln strike group in the area two weeks early to train. And in fact over the weekend. The US navy says that the aircraft carrier Lincoln trained with Kearsarge another large and is assault ship, and certainly sending a powerful message to Iran. I want you to Senator Tom cotton said on meet the press yesterday cut seventeen I've read the intelligence, not just over the last two weeks, but for the last four and a half years the intensity and the frequency of this intelligence reporting is significantly heightened over the last two to three weeks. I don't have any doubts that Iran started taking provocative action two to three weeks ago. The United States on the recommendation of our military, make prudent decisions, like deploying new aircraft carrier and b fifty two bombers and patriot missile defense systems through the region. We didn't do those prepare for military action against Iran. We did those things to deter military action by Ron. So I mean he's, he's pretty much. No nonsense guy. That is reputation. That's right. The threat here at the Pentagon, and in the US central command based at. To put these new assets in the region experts, though, say. Evacuation of non-essential personality US embassy in Baghdad. That in some way, what they want, and that's a partial withdrawal from Iraq. And that's what happened last week, you know, some say. Iraq war, certainly, in two thousand fourteen in ISIS was bearing down, new Wisconsin or there was no US evacuation. But today, these things that's the prudent measure to get Americans out of there. All right. I wanted to also talk about something else in the New York Times today, and I've heard this before, and I'm sure you have that these economic sanctions are squeezing the Iranians are hurting economically. The pull out of western companies that started going in after the agreement was signed. Now there's pushback. And we're, we're putting on all this pressure, they can no longer put the seven hundred million dollars to Hezbollah, they can write the checks to a Hamas Islamic Jihad. I mean that's real. And that's a benefit from our perspective. US military firepower in the Middle East. We have not seen any rocket attacks from Gaza from HAMAs from Palestinians, an elsewhere and by Hezbollah officials say has is being squeezed. Of course, they get financing from Iran and. Said about the intelligence of the threat going up to three weeks. What happened to three weeks ago is the one year anniversary of President Trump carrying up the nuclear agreement? There's also a lot of evidence. The present spoke about it last night on FOX, that these actions are squeezing the Iranian very hard, choking off sources of finance, and how do they get back some officials say this is why Iran is telling some of its Shiite militias proxy forces in the region to prepare for possible action, but so far it does appear that ratcheting up tensions, and that nobody wants to take the first shot. At least Edgewood, people were hoping for here at the Pentagon Prebble is going through the South China Sea. They wanna push back on China's bullying in international waters. What can you tell us about that Lucas? Depending on freedom of navigation operations Pentagon and the US government, the Trump administration do not recognize China's manmade McCall fake islands in the South China Sea, where they've installed runways of service air missiles. Missiles, depending on and it's gonna take. Ships and sail within twelve nautical miles that would be what China would consider territory, depending on, doesn't recognize it. They've been doing this activity at least once a month this year. Stretches back to last year. Depending on wants to do these, these patrols regularly. So really, they don't get a ton of media attention and also it sends a message to Beijing that the US is not afraid is not just going to retreat from the region. Go ahead. The secretary of state is I've met with Vladimir Putin. Well, he lab rob last week to possibly set up a meeting, or maybe plowed the ground. Fair g twenty meeting with Vladimir Putin. How did you think anything tangible came out of that? And especially as it relates to Venezuela. I think there's some real real issue of arms control. And with the start treaty expiring soon, where it relates to Venezuela. Is trying to get the Russians out of Venezuela. Try to work on something that they can discuss potentially benefit for. And that's one of the reasons secretary pump went to Moscow pee went to socio home, the seaside resort in Russia. President Putin has. Ministere de ideas US military wants to get Russia out of Venezuela. Not sure that's going to happen anytime soon. But one thing both sides can potentially agree on some new arms control agreements, just like we saw back in the eighties under President Reagan Lucas, thanks so much. Appreciate it. All right. Fantastic one eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine. So there's a lot going on internationally and the president's got his hands full and now North Korea's getting restless, we've seen some of their actions, but about the Iran situation before you get caught up in what should or shouldn't be with your audio. If President Obama had such a great deal he would have gotten the majority of Democrats voting for in the Senate. He would have gotten over sixty they would have been putting of moderate Republicans voted his direction. But instead, not only did you not get every getting Republicans? He get Senator Schumer. He gets Senator Ben corden. I don't believe you got Senator Feinstein. So when it passed it was an agreement, it lifted ripe to be ripped up. And if President Trump doesn't get an agreement US MCA past same thing, if he has a trade deal with China and doesn't get a pass through congress. Same thing. So that's the risk you take. And that's why people around the world saying, can I depend on anything with America because they keep reversing course. Well, if a pass is the right way you can depend on it. Jerry, listen, whol in Dayton, Ohio, Jerry. Hey Brian, this might sound a little long winded. I apologize and hopefully, you'll be able to kind of take what I'm saying and make more sense of it. But I'm really finding it Democrats are able to escape their own past sins while punishing people for the sins of the past in the present, for example, tearing down statues and things of that nature because, you know. Jefferson had slaves or Washington, or whatever the case may be yet. They were the party of slavery, Jim crow they party. But somehow, they're able to escape that and nobody really calls them out on that not enough. I mean, the party of Lincoln, Republicans and all reverse with the Civil Rights Act, nineteen sixties before that the black vote really belong, mostly to Republicans and it really reversed itself. I mean US Senator Burge, a member of the K, K K. I think he was the guy that grain wizard whatever that is. So that was the story for the longest time. But having said that when you go, I'll just take the bigger picture, which referring to his mayor Pete, saying, we should find somebody else to name, big dinners in statues in events, after a set of people like Jefferson arrange Jackson because they had slaves. No excuse slavery. But there's no perfect people in the world and their background is fine. But the background is something we look back and say, how could you have slaves George Washington, how Jeff slaves Thomas? Jefferson. How could you have slaves? Andrew. Action. But that's not all they were about alone, the way they were actually building the country in a way in which they could not have been replaced. There is no country that George Washington, there is no country that Thomas Jefferson. We don't win the war of eighteen twelve or push the British out of eighteen twelve without Andrew Jackson along the way he becomes very impactful president, it may like them or not like those used the last one actually balanced the budget and keep us out of so-called foreign wars AG, Jackson built up the country..

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