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Why doesn't that get invoked when Woody Wilson created the first three d. printed gun, he called it the liberator. He very carefully put this chunk of metal inside of it so that he wouldn't be violating that undetectable firearms act. Of course, anyone else could print that same gun and that metal wasn't required for any kind of technical reasons. So you can leave it out and then you'd have his undetectable plastic weapon. But I think that the whole detectability thing has been kind of a distraction lawmakers have pushed for renewal of the undetectable firearms act as a way to try to control three d. printed guns. But they've ignored the fact that these other similar technologies, computer controlled milling machines can also help people make guns home out of metal bizzare not undetectable guns, but they're far more reliable than plastic guns, and they exploited a loophole in our gun. Troll laws. And now I'm going to turn the conversation obviously towards tax law it. There are lots of statutes on the books that you can have your client it here to to shelter income, but under American tax law, the IRS allowed to say, Nope. Sorry, that's an abuse of statutes for a clearly unlawful tax avoidance intent, and we are disallowing it. Can you tell me how Cody Wilson putting a metal component in the supposed- design of three d..

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