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Google, Stitcher. Spotify a recent review travel? Buff wrote a long review really love the concept of this podcast. Interesting to hear the stories of people who've explored so much in here. The thoughts and places I've never heard of before do after admit it gets a little one note after while with people saying the same things to the same questions all of the time. Would be good to see some of the shows feature. More people with unique angles like DNA Busta Montes dancing goal LGBT travelers someone from a country with a week passpart so many stories and angles to hear or even better to hear interviews of travelers that are chasing the goal of every country. But only have fifty to one hundred visits in have them interviews from the middle of their struggle would be great to hear from people striving for it. In addition to those have done it or pretty much done. Still a great podcast. See I don't only read perfect reviews travel buff. Thanks for the feedback to point out a couple of things I've interviewed many people in the fifty two hundred countries category. When you have a chance checkout, George Casseus. Randy Williams, Rick shaver, Mario hardy in Petra from today in terms of unique goals or unique challenges check out David Lee. Langan who has mailing a postcard from every country Thor who's traveling to every country without fine. Anthony, William who's traveling to the mall in the wheelchair. I've also interviewed a couple of people from the LGBT community as well. But their sexual orientation was not a major part of their travel. And of course, I ended in a couple of travelers with weaker passports. Take a listen to pong from Thailand or an art me from Russia and Denise started off with the Cuban passport there now sixty nine podcast. So there's a lot of amazing and diverse travelers to check in with. I'll see if I can mix up the questions of bit more to get some varieties. Well, remember to start off your new year with an official counting countries shirt. Check the Winker go to Amazon, and as I mentioned before in the.

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