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I was the I so we met on on fun factor right when it came to discipline factor or two different things there that were yeah, and and he's you know. You, just it. It doesn't even occur to hit that. We should look at our finances before we write a check. Hit. Like why did you do? People who say stuff like retail therapy? I think retail therapy might be the the two most dumb words. I've ever heard retail therapy. Don't do that. That's what broken healthy people say. Brooklyn, happy people use words like retail therapy. These these are these are people who can never afford to go on vacation because you know. They spent it at Walmart on junk. Remember you know so i. just I have moments like that, but we in in relationships now. I've learned to hold my tongue because of disk, and I've heard I've learned to listen behind. What are they saying? And how can I communicate that differently? And I do it in my business partnerships, I own several businesses today, and in each one of those partnerships. Really, being aware, really being aware of that has been a huge served me well. So yeah. There's there's a lot. There's a lot to unpack with with that particular area when it comes to your relationships, and how it will absolutely affect your revenue, and how you can help more people get what they want. which in turn helps you get what you want? Wow. Listeners. I don't know if you're going to be able to grasp the gravity of the things that Marissa's saying. This is an episode that I'm going to suggest for you now that you listened to. It Multiple Times. On top of that. Hand and paper in hand taking notes the journals we've talked about. Taking notes in your journal about the things that she said today is going to be so worth your time. It's GonNa. Make a difference I promise you some of the things that Marissa's talked about the beginning of her day while she did say, she looks at her ipad on some of those things I promise you. She's also writing stuff down because it. Yes, Berry, clear scientific evidence between the things you right down in the things you remember. It's unfortunately our kids today and I. Don't mean to go off on a tangent on this, but. In an effort to try and be so up to date. We've made our kids dumber. Because they're so focused on these laptops or these ipads, or whatever it is that they have and their textbooks are there versus a physical book next to them? Physically writing out notes where it helps implanted in their brains because I know for me when I write stuff down the way, my particular brain works. I remember exactly how I wrote it on the page, exactly how it is, and so if someone asked me about it, I can either say it or I can write it back down again the same way so very long winded way of saying. Listen to what the woman saying. She's not only making sense will help make a difference in your life if you'll write these things down and go back to them on top of that. Your personal relationships and your business relationships share this information with other people. It's. It doesn't do you any good if you keep it to yourself. Right benefited from anything that Marissa's shared today. You have to share it with other people you have to. The only way our world is going to get any better is if we improve our relationships at home, which in turn helps us to have better relationships at work? The way we do that is by improving ourselves first, and this is just another step in that process..

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