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Pm eastern on f s one view and one of the many reasons why i love doing the show uh is it is on audience on direct tv channel to thirty nine were dan patrick has a show before this one in mirrors that joe balk uh with his conversation show a undeniable that again has brought hole on it tonight so many great tv shows scripted shows and then all right in the middle of this boutique uh black and white interview show that is a fantastic watch every time it's some spectacular guests hosted by the man to my right away will stop talking about as if he's not sitting here a former at y gets you're still a photographer for vanity fair turned interviewer good to see you sam joan's house your heavenly whwhen did you realize you know what i'd like to get out from behind the camera and sit on camera and talk to people instead of taking their picture would you call it with that one well you know a lot of people know me as photographer but i've also directed a lot and made a few documentaries ensure i always enjoy the conversations that take place either either in the documentary format or even just the conversations that we're taking place when i was photographing people and i always came away from those jobs with a more complete picture of the personnel is working with and and those the conversations that excite me about being an artist excite me about the creative projects and and so i think that the the idea for the show started as can you make a complete portrait of an artist and really get inside their creative path from the decisions they made that led them here because for me i was always incredibly intimidated when i met one of my heroes like how did date how did they do this what do they have that i don't have or something like that was one of those people well i mean anyone from you know you take a filmmaker like how ashby your or a photographer like richard avedon on or escape border like tony hawkal or a you know a songwriter like joe stromer from the clash or something and these people were making the work that the.

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