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Even in rail keeping. It's a lot of holes in our shop itself. Friday, let's go right back to the phone. Want to get everybody today. Let's go to Anthony Wook and Atlanta G A. Anthony Yes. Hello? Yeah, Yes. You on the Oh, yeah, I remember How you doing rap? I'm going. How you doing, Anthony? Man? Very happy. Very happy, you know, played in town it down here. No put the most and last night and made joy to blue and has a future. Yeah, they did. Clay County showed up and showed out. A man. So we're so happy about that in the happier prospect, you know, going full and also the momentum of the impact this state Abram saying people registered You get people to vote. No Stacy Abrams is given to be given a lot of credit. I posted that today. Ah, I've stayed in touch without throughout the last couple of years, and she never let her foot up off the pedal. Georgia and the country owes a lot to Stacey Abrams. Whatever games they play in court. She changed the game in judge. You have to give her credit for that she went and did the hard work. And I'd give a lot of credit to Stacey Abrams. Absolute absolutely in and you know when they talk about a race war? Well, this isn't black people and man, you gotta start a group White guy. They're really looking harm people in 2020 2021. So it's a one sided. We're coming to get you type of mentality. Now, what did the government do about that? Because of those with black militia groups, I'm sure the response would be Far different. Oh, yeah, no doubt about it, and and you're right. But you have to have people in government that will do some about it or that we can make them hear us and forced him to do something about it, Not a president that tells them stand down. Stand by. Like hell Call them when he wants to buy me. This is absolutely extremely dangerous when you have somebody given that kind of signal to the white militias. But you're right, Anthony. Thank you for you, Carl. Let me go to Chicago, My friend Unis on W O W V O in. Eunice. Hi. How are you? River? I'm doing well, how you doing? I'm doing good, You know, ramen shops, and he's asking now Trump the Supreme Court to get involved. He the Supreme Court does not need to involve people have spoken and he's causing a lot of confusion. Why not have some decency? Of course that's not in his DNA. His thesis keeps your mind and he is not a good loser, and he did have his fixes around like he used to. And the Republicans your tail trump in his time for him to go. He has run its course with all the things that he's been allowed to do to get away with is a disgrace. And I was hurt hurt. Hello, Frank. And I heard Frank the other day. Give you title for a book. I have one. Also at the name of the book should be, uh, It's all over. Now. You finally get court, like, all right, so maybe you and I can write. We could write this book together. Okay? Yes. Yeah, I might take you up on that, Eunice. Thank you for your call are always good to hear your voice. Have a save weekend. That's going east Cleveland. W to tear it, Terry. I have a job in Cleveland, Cleveland, allow my favorite home time to pick it Wanted that you know that I took my little picket sign a Lynch in Black America. Downtown Cleveland for the criminals came in. I also took it to someplace called Washington D. C all the 28 2020 Ricin, Black America. We got on the bus got caught in the rain a little bit, but it was. It was a good pick it All my good friends with their I got on my captain. Now I know what about the cap about the cab? Get your knee off my neck. I was alive. What do you keep your promise? Ah, story live about 2.5 hours to get my temperature checked on again and get my bracelet so you can't tell me nothing. I want to make sure that we say and I told some people downtown before the criminal came in. Maybe 2020. I had no intention to get on the plantation, and I've been telling people all the time. Wherever job. Uh Donald Trump did not have not wantto be president States. He wants to be a He wants to be a dictator like Putin on Dad told people maybe be my last time seeing breathe. Um, uh, the president and of course they goodness. I've been calling relatives. It's gonna be nice to hear President elect Baden and ah sister Ai Wei will do of Ah nightmare. This man. I mean, can you I can't even imagine our president of the United States stand on foot from Putin and basically telling exactly branch of the United States to go jump in the lake. And when that young man doing impeachment Came out with a uniform on and they said Why we're uniforms have been inside the man and his brother. From from the disaster that happened to Brianna and the boys and the brothers. Right and you go on and on about the end of Ah, I'm told November 28th November. 28 2023 3 P.m.. We will be doing a rally up of the street here in Cleveland. Ah, dealing with 138 137 shots. That murder Timothy Russell and Williams. Nobody went to jail. I appreciate it. Thank you and other religious thing. And thank you for Charles. And for getting those sweet. Thank you, Terri. For you call and thank you for telling us about the killing of that man and woman in the car. Remember, Reverend Kwanza Colvin, Another's so active in that, and I had me come there. Our two Cleveland along with Marcy McCoy and Great Agreement chapter and Ah Ah, help toe continue to rallies there and we cannot forget the victims. And we cannot forget making sure we make these laws told these people accountable. They executed in people in that car 127 building 127 bullets. Unbelievable is still makes my skin crawl. To think about that case, including Let's go to Chicago. W V O N Tio. Yvonne Yvonne, You're keeping it real without shot. Abravanel shopped. And thanks for taking my call. I want Our president like Biden and Kamala hairs to do everything they can to get those two senators those to run off and Georgia Raphael, Warnock and John are elected to the Senate. I want every Georgian every person in Georgia and I want them to work with Stacey Abrams to get them all. Registered and fat up to vote. The next day we're looking at is January 5th 2021. That's the date of the runoff. And they have to vote. Their life depended on it. I want them. I want there to be lines that are lovers that then the line for the presidential election. I want people to be Committed to doing this for Ahmad Aubrey and for Les Shot, Brooks and out what? Everything I want every every young person every senior Every black man, black woman, white woman. Everyone in Georgia who can vote vote to get these two people to get worn out, and I would like for the Kings, the Atlanta Braves. And the Atlanta Hawks in any other sports teams in Georgia to support this our life for Bloomberg supported financially as well as LeBron James, but we have to have all out fight. Probably the whole country and I'm ready to go down to Georgia..

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