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Smith. You know, we had some players that You know, medically weren't able to go. Assumption is that we have a whole lot of positive. We really don't have a lot of positives. But contact tracing is kind of not a few of our player to more of our players out even though we are we test each day in all 14, Illinois players couldn't play in the lost to the Boilermakers. Northwestern beats Iowa 21 20 coming back from a 17 point deficit in Iowa City to improve the two and so on the Hawk Isiro into Notre Dame fourth ranked beats George Attack 31 13, the Irish next to play number one Clemson, who beat Boston College just 34 to 28 without their quarterback Trevor Laurence. He had tested positive for Kobe earlier in the week and will not play against the Irish next week to the Bears and receiver Alan Robinson is cleared Concussion protocol. He no longer has any injury status to play against the Saints at Soldier Field on Sunday. Robinson had not practiced all week and from baseball. The Cubs pick up the 2021 option on Anthony Rizzo's contract. He'll get $16.5 Million next season with sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio 7 81, 5.9 FM. W BBM News time 5 18 traffic and weather together on the eighth sponsored by M. C Squared energy. We check in first with Neil Fiorito. Looking good along the Edens Expressway. And that means 19 minutes to and from Lake Cook. The Kennedy Expressway is wide open on either side. The Eisenhower looks good to just know that if you're making your way out Bon along Ida B Wells, and you need that rap to the Outback Kennedy that is blocked until six this morning. So there is a detour that post it for you. On the Stevenson Expressway. Nice and Light, 30 minutes. Either way between the veterans tollway at Lakeshore Drive Road work continues on 55 through Will County where you're down to Elaine in both directions between River Road and Arsenal. No delays because of it. Now, Road work continues on the day and Ryan, if you're making your way in bound 60, 30 Garfield to let express lanes are closed. The outside of the Dan Ryan. Also in the clear I 57 looks good, too. And from I 80 and the Bishop Ford is delay free back and forth between 18 94 and the Dan Ryan Lake Shore Drive is good up and down on the Illinois tollways. The tri state is fine both ways. Jane Adam. Still way clear for now. Just know West Bond. If you're making your way watch road world between the Devil until and Lee Road could block up to three right lanes intermittently throughout the day today. The Reagan Tell way. The veterans 3 55. That's clear. So was around 53 Round 3 90 I a fine on both sides between Morris and Tinley Park looking for the northwest Indiana at 18 94 65, the Indiana toll road. Chatham neighborhood delays near Cottage Grove, but 93rd with fire activity. The old Irving Park neighborhood, Montrose is closed over the Kennedy that's all for bridge replacement through December..

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