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Houston they knew they had a lot of work still left to do in here in Houston they show us where they have restored Apollo mission control the consuls the screens the Apollo program on the monitors even the cigarettes and coffee mugs are right where they were left and center tightly helped lead the project takes us to the console flight director gene Krantz sat he gave the he made a request of the go no go gave them the go to the Capcom and and they landed and he was here and she shows a something else here in a room that don't preserve all of that history may she takes us to the console with the flight surgeon says the doctors and that would be on the screen a heart beat they had Neil Armstrong's vital signs right in front of them the entire time absolutely and buzz right and Mister Collins right they were monitoring the astronauts their vitals at every moment it is they guided them from this room on that journey home a message the left on the moon of the Plantago the he was five years ago this week the Eric garner killed after appearing chill cold from New York City police officer is dying words I can't breathe could become a national rallying cry for the black lives matter movement on Tuesday the department of justice declined to prosecute the officer involved in a chokehold he was at the US attorney's office in Brooklyn when the decision was released to the public he discussed the moment with our bread no keep on ABC's daily podcast start you were right there when prosecutors revealed this to the public just heading down to the US attorney's office in Brooklyn when I got word that there would be no charges filed before I continue let me say as clearly and unequivocally as I can Mr garner's death was a tragedy it was sort of the worst fear of of the garner family they had just emerged from what prosecutors said was an uncomfortable and difficult meetings with these unassailable facts or separate and distinct from whether a federal crime has been committed where they revealed the decision of the career prosecutors and the justice department not to file civil rights charges.

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