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Think you'll agree some really useful advice from Carol. They're the people who are having to sell for isolate daily before treatment or surgery or if someone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, we've heard how lonely this experience can be. I mean, it must be awful. How can people stay connected it is difficult. And actually we lived in a really connected world now and lots of people have adapted through lock down to using FaceTime and WhatsApp to stay connected to friends and family. However, it's still hard if you can't get out and about in the page away and so people might want to explore things in a virtual way and we've seen lots of things like people doing virtual bingo with their family home or if they love Gardens the National Guard and scheme of got virtual Gardens that people can access its kind of a about finding what you like, but there is a lot their home. Do appreciate that there are some people that are perhaps not adapt at that kind of digital but there will always be someone in their family that is and so rather than feeling originated, you know, sit down with a a family member and and look at what's there and find things that work for you and we've talked a little bit as well which I'm sure adds another layer of anxiety that due to the pandemic. It's meant for some people that they've they're having to face delays to there from diagnosis right through to where they are on the treatment plans. What guidance can you give to help people off that anxiety? They might be experiencing around those delays. What what a reasonable questions that people are you should be asking I think it's really important that they any anxiety they have about their treatment that they do to their cancer team and the cancer nurse specialist because they will have all the information about them as a person they're cancer. And so if people are worried about delays to their treatment they need Talk it through and understand what the impact is for them. And if you're not going through active treatment in your worried, you know, then have a conversation with your GP about whether you should be worried because those are the people that have the most information about your health and what to worry about and what not to worry about them as always a font of knowledge and the voice of support and comfort. Thank you so much lovely to speak to you again for more information on a topics daily, and I have talked about in this episode head to our website McMillan. He's talking cancer the resources advice and support. It's also where you can find out more about donating a million, you know, next episode were talking about work and cancer in the age of coronavirus subscribe. If you'd like to hear that and every new episode whenever it's ready, and if you enjoy the series we'd love it if you could give us a callback. Sing or a review so that others can find the podcast more easily. I'm Emma be talking cancer is a MacMillan cancer support podcast..

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