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Risks. And when did i discover. I think i was kind of noon almost amongst classmates on nicely curious that i love ear music because if we were doing stuff in an artwork so shall we were token to bite. Who would try in english or something like that. Something might come out the night and my own mind dipping like. That's very similar to lyric in particular song particular bond or something like that And i remember my one of my english teachers who was among cold joan mccully and He had heard the. I was a massive of fleetwood mike and that i was going to see sleep with. Mike can eagles Over the course of a particular year and stuff he said to me. You've got to listen to this. I'll go to listen to bris. And i was like well i know. Hubris says i knew the sort of born in the usa and things like that and Probably in my own sort of ignorance and youthful naive at a. I was probably one of those people he was like this. Is this patrioric just nationalistic anthem. Rather than really understanding the true meaning about saying Anyway it took his words. You've got to listen to bruce. I think i remember looking up just online. What was his most recent release and give another go on. This would have been in iran to bite sort of two thousand nine something like that would have been working on a drink right on I remember listen to you on enjoying some of it but maybe feeling just a little bit. Bevan's mimi hung kind of fully grasp stage. So remember going by tim and he was like have you listened to brisk chip. Yeah i think a sense that sort of slight coolness earned belts and He's right you need to get yourself hearing some of his life material. And i was like okay. So he sad Start with either. The light live in barcelona or live in new york dvd. So i remember Going after school one day to like the or store on Picking up live in barcelona on setting that evening watching it. I guess up my. I get the interaction. That's going on with the audience. I see some of the songs the working on a dream thing. I can see where that can go in a live show but this is something different and of course the live in barcelona show comes sort of following the rising or as pry her on so that was then. I suppose the english part of me that always wants to find. What's the context of something. What is influenced something starts to dell little deeper and of course they the significance fan of of nine eleven..

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