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Welcome to best seller TV. I'm Taryn Winter. Brill, We're here with Jill Griffin. She is the author of Follow These leaders, Wisdom and mentorship from the voices of success. It's great to have you with us and have you back. Yes, Always a pleasure. Congratulations. This is yours. Sixth book. Yes, Incredible. And this is our third interview together. All right, so we're back. That's why I keep coming back to you back to business, right? We like repeat customers, as they say so. I love this book because it is so user friendly. It's so easy to read. How would you describe it in your own words? Will. It's a book about advice? I'm always been advice, Seeker. I don't always Cape. Every piece of advice something but I've always been in vice speaker. So women out to be really interesting to go out into my network and even people I didn't know and to ask. What is the best piece of career or life advice that you've got? Who gave it to you? And how did it in the heat your life and the stories Just came pouring floodgates and imagine, Yes, almost everybody right? Everybody gave me a story. There's so many great tidbits. I did just want to touch upon A few of my favorites, and I wanted to ask you which ones resonate with you the most something that caught my eye right off the bat. The friend your banker? Yes. Who said that? And why great friend of mine? She and her husband. One train makes travel when they were storing their business with the great pieces of advice was the French banker because you're going to need to know you and you're going to need to know them right and left. Because you have to borrow money when you're in a startup mode, And so that was a really great piece of advice When I read it. I didn't know if it was a metaphor for something else. But it is your literal banker. Yes, exactly. Yes. Okay. Um, Another one. I liked listen to the music was that literal music or figurative music, and Mark Cleveland, Uh, said that he was Friends with a famous basketball player, and they agreed that when you listen to the music, it gets you on a high and it makes you feel like you can do anything and so When he was starting Hitch, which I'm an investor in. It's a ride share program out of Nashville. Uh, Point. People are saying you can't do this. You can't do this. He would go listen to music that we say you can do anything. You can be anything so just to back up for a moment. So these little pieces of advice are from successful leaders, right and all sorts of disciplines. Yes, they run the gamut or these only C suite executives or they run the gamut. Okay, they run the gamut some model mar entry level people that have just run for office from the first time. Uh, just And that's what I liked about it because they came from so many different venues, and I like what you just said. You don't have to be sort of later on in your career to have advice. That's exactly right. You pick up advice at all different stages of your life, and you experience it. That's right. And it takes years off your learning curve. Actually, I like this one girls can do anything. Yes, that was my friend Carol Thompson, who Google up in Rhode Island in her dad told her Carol Girls can do anything, and she has been a very wonderful activists in Austin. She was the first chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Austin. Wow was on the trip, where at the time we were recruiting businesses In Silicon Valley to come to Austin. Now we're overrun with tech companies, but back then we were recruiting them, and she just did a marvelous job and followed her dad's advice that you can do anything you can be anything I just love also mean the advice in and of itself is so terrific and valuable, but the people of these leaders That it's coming from because you're not only learning what there's During these difficult times. We understand how important it is to stay healthy and safe with so many of us can find to her homes and not being able to work. We feel the financial burden more than ever. Many folks lost their jobs and businesses. Others were furloughed and.

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