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Plenty of sex in marine as well he a lot of interesting stuff happening with danny and dario an tyrian and giora payers to care dario and danny are really serious about their pillow talk now on downtime here and dario was making his move because he doesn't trust his our enemies jealous rate first of all pretending he's not right he thinks his dr is the head of the harphe's making like off formal appear appeal here but also he's like how long till the king marioi pillow it doesn't sound like all these of sex in wonderful and you know dan he's like look dude i need the city of marine behind me i have no choice and dario says everyone has a choice even sleeves have a choice death or slavery he says that she should marry him in set make that choice and your queenhe says you can do what you like noi can't any replies and this part is really kind of haunting yeah he says they near the only person and marine who's not free and that line clearly lands hard with dannyit also i think really lands with viewers because it's kind of lake how long we've been here rightand also it's the complicated nature ruling rate or you benefiting from the things that you're fighting for should you be is that what it's about it's one of the things were dario is you know often portrayed by others or even by himself has like warm just kind of like the fungaya and writer but he has a lot of wisdom man he says a lot of things that really make you think he also takes one more chance here he says on the day the great games gather all the great masters wise masters worthy mastersyou can find slaughter them all and he says imcqueen not a butcher.

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