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A human smuggling investigation. Bill cobbs lives in the neighborhood and says he heard the shots. Tree. Bang bang, bang bang. It was crazy. I fifty shots. Thority say a woman who was one of five people in the suspect vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. A real case of survival in the northwest ABC's taught in tells us about a toddler who lived after falling from a sixth floor apartment. Police in Redmond Washington say the twenty month old was supposed to be napping when he managed to get up on a window ledge and push through screen Tuesday, the young child survived thanks to a parked car. That took most of the impact of the fall offers James Perry car wasn't. There would have been pavement that the child would have fallen onto. And this would be a much different ending the car's owner Ed Liu says he's glad he bike to work Tuesday. The maintenance man for the building told him about the accident found out the kid had fallen on my car. The toddler is an ICU in serious but stable condition. ABC news more legal trouble for stormy Daniels is former attorney Michael Albany now facing dozens of charges after he's accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients ABC's with Johnson has more on one of those clients in one case Jeffrey Johnson, a paraplegic man when a four million dollar settlement from LA county. The indictment claiming avenue hid that money from his client for years giving Johnson just enough for rent an assisted living facility. Have an ATI could spend decades behind bars. If he's convicted he responded on Twitter saying intends to fully fight all the charges weeks after charges against actor. Jesse smollet dropped Chicago filed suit over his refusal to reimburse the city for its investigation into claims that he was the victim of a racially motivated attack the city of Chicago officially suing embattled actor jussie smollet after he refused to reimburse the city. We get details from ABC's Stephanie Ramos this city, formerly filing a civil complaint against Millette after his refusal to reimburse the city for what it says or more than one printing thirty.

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