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Latest star endorser. I actually think that Kouzmine could be the breakout laker earlier this year I know I know we're getting from Lebron. I know what we're getting from. Ad But I've talked to at this before those two guys both required a double team you train guard Lebron James with one person. He's GonNa Torch you. Yup and Clippers try to game last year to Guardian Davis with one guy. I think they use MANTRAS Herrell. Anthony Davis Drop forty-six forty-six on him Yup. You can't you gotta send a second defender and win. Those defenders come off. I think Kuzma is going to be the beneficiary and he's going to because coups coups on a lot of nights required a double team last year or he drew the other teams best defender for example. If they were playing Toronto last year quite Leonard would guard Kacoos when you know when he wasn't guarding Lebron and Lebron missed so many games last year Miss Twenty five games that a lot of times that main coups got the the a number one defender. Now you're number one defender has to go to Lebron you're number. Two defender has to go to the other one right and coups is going to get the number three define you know he's got knocked knocked down three point shots more consistently only thirty percents from three last year yeah but Danny Green didn't know any so pick your poison yeah either leave cosmo pen and he'll go right to the basket. We're Dunkin forty five percent from three last year yet. Jackie macmullan was talking on the jump yeah and she was making a point about when you match up the Lakers clippers and I actually think the reverse. Here's what Jackie said. The clippers are a better team well. They are and start with the fact defensively. WHO's GonNa who's who who's GonNa score against the Los Angeles Clippers? I mean it's it's incredible and the Lakers are going to be a work in progress. That's just the truth. Kawai Leonard is so much easier to plug in to.

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