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With some crack whore who had like all her treatments. Oh my God. The dude's not even gonna make it to the off the ground again. He's gonna end up locked up behind bars. So how do you get this? Comment McGregor couldn't even knock that 50 year old old dude off the bar stool. How's he gonna fuck with ramen? And twisted sex with you. Wow, but he did call you out, but also Michael chiesa called you out. Are you gonna respond to that? Who is she? No, my guess. He won The Ultimate Fighter. He's a great fighter. He just beat a Rafael dos anos. He's a tough tough guy. No you're not. All right. I mean, I get a lot of groupie girls that sweat me and her DMing me and my Instagram, but I can't keep track of them all, Adam. Now how did now listen? How did you feel about they made it very racial after your fight? I never saw more people tweeting about the fight. They were calling you an alt right guy or Nigerian immigrant knocks out Trump supporter alt right. Did that get to you at all? No, not at all, you know? I mean, you got freaking 50 cent out there, you know, talking all this shit. He's just an Internet troll these days. You know, he doesn't really want to step up to play. I was proposing to fight 50 cent one hand tie behind my back a $1 million for charity, Adam. And you don't want to fight. He's a little bitch. You used to box. He's a lot heavier than you. Why not? I only need one hand against that little Schwab. Let's be honest. He got shot 9 times at him if you got shot one time by Colby Covington. He wouldn't get back up. But don't you think he should use both hands to fight 50 cent? Hey, no way Klaus, I only need one hand. He could pick the hand. I promise you, it's only going to take one hand. I'll jab him up and eat his body alive and finish him. How do you think the fight goes? I got money on Kobe on that one. I already told you with one hand. Yes, with one hand. Will you brought this up already? A long time ago, I said, Colby's gonna handle it one handed. You might put both dance and just do it with this. No, no, there were some celebrities coming at you too though, like Steve-O. Let's talk about Rosie. What about Rosie O'Donnell? Rosie O'Donnell. Yeah, Rosie O'Donnell. Wait, come on. Wait, mayhem. Yeah. Rosie O'Donnell is losing 8 ten rounds to obesity. And she wants to talk about me. She's losing 8 ten hours of obesity. She wants to talk about a world champion of fire. What's she ever beaten? I'm not talking about her Hollywood little spouses that she's beaten. I'm talking about real actual fights. What the fuck have you beat Rosie? You can't even beat obesity fast swap. That pig. Yeah, so Rosie was talking about you. Steve-O was talking about you. Michael rapaport..

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