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Mayor I believe it was the mayor of Chaska to let her know he was there they always talk to a neighbor he was and he was talking to a neighbor and the neighbor was saying because I hadn't shown up yet we item I believe me last night for Twin Cities live in so he said that they were talking and the mayor did not know that that Ike co hosted a radio show and but when he said like yeah you know Donna Valentine and I think the response that I heard whether from the mayor someone else's like we everybody knows Donna Valentine is not true that is true and I think you used to get your hair done at one of my neighbors old salons they say that last night was Donna Valentine and I proudly and loudly said no it a great national night out you are as you made it sound like you were just going to I mean it's not like that at all I think I said I had to go to I think you said you were gonna go to your new neighborhood no I had we just started our hours first and then try to help our new neighborhood great as we have we have like an on off and now the actual mayor was there but we have an unofficial neighborhood mayor and she coordinated everything and just did a wonderful job but we we had another neighbor number last year I try to do the Christmas tree lighting in my neighborhood yes worked pretty well I think we went from maybe like thirty percent trees let to probably like I don't know sixty sixty five maybe run for mayor no thank you but now there was a another neighbor of few doors down who organized a medallion hunt for the kids that's a cute idea is a very crafty that he's just a really active hands on dad and he likes coming up with very intentional activities so weekly the week leading up to he invited my kids they spray painted medallions they got to help put them together with his with their fan and it was the only items and the last thing you see the kids in this room massive pile like running across the street back to the other houses across the street I love that idea I'm gonna share that can I make my neighbors that you know the the committee the people who put out they do such a nice job they really DO and it was just so much fun seeing everybody out in about our game college of pop culture knowledge came up as a topic was it that well I'll see Laura just in the last time you and I mean it respectfully it's Laura Lohr is like yeah I just I just thought when Steve had a hundred you would just call it quits and I'm like yes this is really attached to the game I love the game rises that's a game and our listeners are attached to the game so we love the game the game is fantastic the game is staying so we maybe we could do it once a week I said did you that's not gonna happen what is Lori do for a living Laurie is an ER nurse cool collar up and tell her how to stitch someone up she's in you don't say in the E. R. right now as we speak yeah Laura I just don't think that you should be like taking people's temperatures anymore to seem boring and kind of outdated what how about we let her be an ER nurse she lets us radio host and then I found out something really crazy about another neighbor Sarah she loves cats I did not know that she just got a cat she's obsessed with this cat his children too by the way she is so upset I did take the allies attacks remind me to tell you about Serra she's crazy and she's a listener of the show she got this cat his name is Mack she's coming to the cat video festival tomorrow night of course at CHS field hopefully a lot of you will be coming as well she's so upset so this can I said can I see a picture of this cat and I mean she's pretty much abandoned her husband her children because of this cat well the story well she's trying to show me a picture she's like right get out of here thank you your son is asking you a question she's like I got to show you this cat this is a tabby erasure yeah let not their show this terribly I think right okay anyway no she's just madly in love with her because I never saw somebody expressed so much love for a cat she got a copy of first one Thursday yes okay hope so yeah by the way yesterday speaking on the topic of cats I went to her nature the cat furniture plays yes hello has anyone ever pass this on University Avenue we seen I've seen for five years my photographer who I shot the story with yesterday he says he's passed a for eleven years and always wondered that store has been there been around for twenty eight years started by a guy named Darryl we the rule and sure enough eighty six here's what we're gonna do we're starting a new series on Twin Cities live call Ali Geral do not W. W. D. did thought about it workshop that instead we went with it's going on in there I love the first question I asked when I get into the places so what's going on here and I can't tell you for twenty eight twenty eight years per nature has been in business what are they coming out to the festival to what what no they are they do get to die they do go to the state fair okay every year and that's where I think they they commit some resources to make sure that they have a a booth there do they have a website they do have a website turn it sure her nature earn a child want to see what's inside they're like well a lot of cat furniture I don't know what that means that means a lot of like little stupid things for cats to jump up on pedestals laying a little chairs and things like that are not shares no this is much more utilitarian cat furniture okay so the stuff that they can climb on yeah he sells quite a bit of catnip was explaining to me how cats trip on cat nap he really loves cats and he just thought wait they should make high quality furniture and then he started making it nearly three decades ago wow it was it was an interesting walk around so that is the first in a series called what's going on in there I love it okay that'll be fun I gotta tell you know I gotta tell about this until yeah Donald Cerrone by the way if you have any places that you've ever driven by in the metro and you ask yourself that question please send them to me via email tweet me whatever I'm collecting a list and it's we have I think are quite a few options so it's I love it that's great hi guys I'm like what's going on in there is that an auto parts store yes so the fact that would be on your list is a super super weird that's like someone driving by I don't know let's say like a Taco Bell they make in bells out of touch with what's going on here you can't do this the same week that you have the revelation of iPad says you can't in the same day seven day period I can't have you saying what's the point of iPads and it's going I really had no idea what the place was I thought it was an auto parts store window okay maybe it generally the whole front is just one of the way I write this down right remember the doctor said it's our responsibility to properly document things that hello man after the break my friends why don't we get a little curious shall we yes we shall help get a load of this how about a celebrity couple who is married been married for a year and they're just now moving in together all I'll tell you who that is take it easy right now and what if I told you I'd Dirty Harry was almost played the character Dirty Harry almost played by somebody else other than Clint Eastwood now you would think wait hello could possibly nobody as good as Clint Eastwood who would be a man's man I'm about to tell you who and I don't think you would argue with coming up after the break on the dynasty show my talk one of seven one everything entertainment the clean and Bradley shall I.

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