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The radio june ready jay jay jay talking wbz wbz newsradio ten thirty requests for one of those bump music music songs earlier and we played it was kind of cool it's first time i've ever actually played a request for that and it was fun i don't mind doing it once in a while if mark has access to it i don't know which ones he has access to or not yeah e mike says if he can do any will their number of factors cool some folks say q k w e l i never liked that i don't know why let's go to rene in boston hello renee how you doing tonight pretty well rene i'm doing well until i just wanted to comment on when you call requested to find out if anyone ever minute politician response and actually i had a response i i met william and the senate president at the time and advocate for i'm dss and not too with the library system the boston library at the time one of his positions was the vice president of boston public and what i was impressed about that was it was organization but they hit the gun to come into the community to the various libraries because for the french to the library i was president of france but it was opportunity to work with individuals throughout the city and sponsor of course definitely in coverage by nino because he gave money to the library system so what i wanted to stay with it when i met him he was very interested one meeting on actually said we coffee i talked to him and then i met him again when i was at the conference and brought my daughter and he was in his room doing three three and they were having a conference announcing i joint we'll probably get mccray jointly decided to get more money to the boston public library so that was a good thing they both wanted to do that he invited my daughter and myself and she was like sixteen at the time so it was impressive to see and he had a proof escort of course but it was impressive to see his inclusiveness then i met him again when he came out to the deadly grants library and he was game personal information i found out he had a lot of children always supported reading and he gave like a pot of in self and then i kept meeting people who are like oh we can't do we look at him he's the little mentioned also a lot of the name calling whatever that was going on and i was like well that's okay but i met him he was nice so i'm sorry but politically that's one thing but personally he rejected me and that's just a fact so that was ironic and then when i miss them what i met other politicians because that was a member of a group of people i'm studying for the women in government politics program it was under the guise betty taymor at boston college law school i had an opportunity again to interact with the politicians aside governor dukakis the governor dukakis attempting to be president and there was various things that were going on so i got did you meet him who i find out in short but he definitely does right the tea i've seen him on the t and i get another intelligent gentleman was just a normal person so what i was trying to just two people is that you cannot judge a book by its cover we have to meet someone that you should definitely take the opportunity to meet them personally and on the circus no i wanna tell you as i travel winning brothers the now defunct winning brothers unit meet people who would come to the show with your children they just wanted fifty with your children they didn't want what you wind up and say oh wow can i have your autograph so sometimes they would be nice to people but in sometimes they.

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