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Who is the point person at the network for the Lebron? Group on the decision sat down with he was the first interview. We did actually a little over a year ago. And then Vince Doria. Who is the head of the news division? retired in two thousand fifteen. He also sat down and talked about the tensions inside the news division of trying to cover an event that the entertainment side you know, had every interest in in letting Lebron. Break the story versus the NBA insider so I think we're pretty fair, but tough on ESPN and I think that I hope that the audience will find that were down the middle, and and the issues that occurred at that time at the network Are you know are covered in-depth now? I will I. I Will Jimmy One disappoint was Jim. Gray declined to talk with me. WE TRIED? We ran into him multiple times. I really wanted to sit down with him and and ask him questions about those twenty three questions and the way it was handled and everything else. We have some reporting about that that we have in the show, but he just he would not sit down with me. Unfortunately, did they give you reason why any reason why? He wouldn't sit down, you know he did, and he never responded to my reaching out to him. He did speak briefly to our show runner Robert. Of great documentary filmmakers on Right Co-founder Review Sixty and just said he just didn't want anything to do with the project. it so so that that is a regret that we couldn't sit down with gray and hear his side of the story. I'm glad you brought that up because this was going to be my last question before we wrap I love a spoiler. If you don't give a spoiler, I totally understand I I'm really looking forward to seeing the skipper party and the Vince Doria part there about how? This went down with the SPN news versus Pinot containment, but if you can tell us if you can't you WANNA, save it for Sunday I understand. How did Jim Gray become? Those was that Lebron's pick was at ESPN's pick. How did that happen? Oh, no, I don't mind I. Don't mind discussing that, so this is interesting. This was a maverick Carter's pick so one of the things that we talked about in the show is. Is, this was really a a maverick. Carter production that the cameras belong to ESPN satellite uplink did but maverick and and Lebron by extension, but really maverick was calling the shots and Jim. Gray was not wanted by ESPN ESPN. Wanted one its own host, the duty, the late great stuart, Scott or Bobbly and in instead the Lebron camp, and mostly maverick insisted it. Be Jim Gray, and so it was Jim Gray so. That's kind of interesting and that would be. That would be amazing if that happened today because that would leak. And then have all the P. the Richard ideas the benched rouse's the Andrew Marr Shans by. Everyone would be ripping ESPN shreds for letting maverick Carter dictators the host of that sort of probably ten years ago. When social media wasn't what it is now. They got away with it, but not fly today. Yeah I. that's that's probably true, but an and looked at the interview with skipper is quite candid. I'm really proud of that. Interview of skipper sat down with me, and I think is quite revealing about what the incentives and motives ESPN had to do. The show this was one hour of network time that was donated to Lebron James the Lebron James Family. Family! Foundation made a two million dollar contribution. I found in its tax returns to the boys and girls clubs of America. So ESPN made no money on that one hour. The the money that the network made was on. You know the bumper programming the three hour pre show in to our Po- show and skippers very open about that I. Ask him in the in the Baxter episode, Jimmy I say did ESPN US Lebron. Lebron Lebron US ESPN, and he said it was mutual use, and so absolutely. Yeah, and so I. I just I was I was very happy to to be able to sit down with him and get him to talk about what the motives beyond what the motives were, and and and Y ESPN decided to do it. Including allowing the Lebron camp to pick the hosts that was going to ask the questions on its air well. Well I listen I get why I get why ESPN did it, and did it for no money, because then they are in the good graces and get access to the greatest athlete in the entire world. Who was the greatest athlete in the entire world ten years ago? Is Today in you, know they? You know when you need them to do something. Then you have access to him so I get it from that standpoint. I think though when you you know in you. Let them pick the hosts. That's where it gets a little dicey, but I guess you can't do the show unless he gets to pick the hotel. Yeah, and and you know what you're saying about about the access That's arguable that's that's not by the way with skipper or cling scales. Does all I'm sure they would? Not Jimmy. No, but I know, but what what I wanted to say about that, but the but the answer, though the skipper does give on that because I asked that question, you know from a business standpoint, you know. Why would you do this with this arrangement of donated? The our is answer on that I'll let viewers find out, but it's it's quite revealing. It's not about future access but more about that moment, and what was in it for espn at that moment Gotcha I look forward to that. I look forward to the whole show backstory the decision this. Sunday nine PM is pin pin. Had A you know no sports? It's been a documentary fest the last couple of months here so I'm sure this will be a good one looking forward to it. Thanks for coming on and. Spend a little time I appreciate it. Thank you Jimmy Joy it. Be well. I might thanks the Don. Van Natta enjoyed the conversation a lot looking.

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